Monday, May 07, 2007

Live From Culture City

This Week Live From Culture City

Is one of my fave bands here in the Detroit Area

The Von Bondies

The Band from in 2000 when two classmate at Oakland Commity College Jason Stollsteimer and Marcie Bolen when to see a show at Ponitac Clught Cargo, it was the vamps with Japanese rock & roll band Guitar Wolf, that gig made jason to from the band "The Baby killers" back in 2000, that name chang later on to the Von Bondies and have released three album 2001 "Lack of Communication", 2003 Peel Sesstion album "Raw and Rare, and 2004 "Pawn Shoppe Heart"

there working to released there Follow up Album sometime this year

The Concert were going to see was in film back in Feb. 2002 back when they have the carrie smith in the band

So live in Culture CIty

It The Von Bondies

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