Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Instant Gig Gudie Atlert

Well, last night i receive a E-mail on my regular E-mail of a band that will go on tour to promote there brand new album since 2004 with song like "I Was Married","Are You Ten Years
"Like O, Like H", "Call It Off, and "Burn Your Life Down",

guess on the new album will have Jason McGerr of Death Cab for Cutie, Matt Sharp of The Rentals and Hunter Burgan of AFI and it was was co-produce by the duo with the help of Chris Walla

the album will be out on July 24th, and they will go on tour and yes every body they have "answer the call" to play here in Detroit.

they will played here on August 6th at The Gem Theatre in Downtown Detroit next door to comerica Park and ford Field and tickets go on sale this up Coming Friday at 10 PM.

So i know you are asking who would be playing there on Aug. 6th
it this band that once play "Small" when there Breaking out with "If It Was You"

Tegan and Sara

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