Sunday, July 13, 2008

Post Cityfest Coverage a week later.

I am Writing this on July 13th almost one week after the 2008 Version of this year Comerica Cityfest and i almost recover for the five days of live gigs on the street of West Grand Blvd. and Second street.

I have a Sore thorte For about last Saturday to the end of the week, but i am OK now, I think this year Cityfest was a big time Sessect with George Clinton &
Parliament/Funkadelic top them all with that concert which last almost two full hours Spill over to the parking deck to W. Grand and to near by tried street it look like almost everybody try to see George Clinton by with that size of a crowd it was thought to see, the sound was good but i gave up after almost after a hour because it was too hot.

The Whole weekend was full of people lineing up to buy food with there food tickets and it was pack with a lot of long line and which ask the question among some this if the festival outgrown the area [W. Grand Blvd. Between 3rd and Cass and Second between Lothrop Road and W. Milwaukee St.].

I don't think so i know it have grown over the years and it have a little out grown, but not that much.

the whole festival recover form a day one wash out when rain swept thur the area it rain so much it force "De La Soul" to cancelled and a lot of other bands to relocated there set to the garden blow at the stick complex after a bunch phone call and texting to stick management to play there.

After that day was wash out it was nice every day after that which was nice.

as for my top act at Cityfest
he are a few highlights

George Clinton & Parliament/Funkadelic

OK i gave up after almost a hour of tring to see the funk father, but i did hear a half of his classic set and it sound so great after all those years.

The Saturday night Line-up at the park stage [Silverghost, Lightening Love, Great Lakes Myth Society]

Next to me know alot about music, Stirling a ture rock and roll fan and icon of the scene and know to program one stage and he did that back to back to back and put a really good mix of quirky, fun, and enjoyable night of rock music.

The Readies

Danny Kroha is still rocking and still rolling after almost 20 years and this is the latest on this legion Detroit guitarist after they put a old school sounding set which is really great, one of the band to watch.

Broken Social Scene

Alright there was no Fiest, Amy Milain, or Emily hands, or any other female and Kevin Drew had a bad back he play Thu the show, despite all that the show was really a great to see a great band that have the sprite and very good.

The Four-Hour Friends

And this band i really like a good lay back with a very good mix of members who is really good and have good song and they look great on Stage.

If i have any advice for how to improve there is one issued i would like to see i would like to see a improvement on the whether or not the band would go on after bad weather is in the area, it was frustrating to see wheter or not the "De La Soul" and i wait for about two hours, but i was told it take about a 30 minutes to set up aging for the music to start and they ran out of time and "De La Soul" was a total loss.

So this complete this blog site coverage of Comerica City Fest for a another year will do this aging Next year and now a little rest to do other things on the blog site with playing for "Culture City Live 3" which should be fun and hope to do the full Dally in the alley in September"


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