Tuesday, September 05, 2006


With the Long weekend over and the weekend add one more days

We have a winner and for the Second Weekin a row the ture-life story of Ex- Philadelphia Eagle Vince Papale(Played by Mark Wahlberg) was no.1 aging earning $15.2 million from the extenden weekend.

The Two Films that was not review finish No.2 and 3, Crank, Which is about a hit man(Jason Statham) who has to stay on a toxic tear to stay alive made a OK $13 million, The remake of The Wicker Man which star Nicolas Cage opened about a decent $11.7 million

But the big Bomb of the weekend is the Basketball flick Crossover which opend in Fewer screen and pretty weak review finsh out side the top 10

The Full top 10:
() = Friday to Sunday
1. Invincible, ($11.9 million) $15.2 million
2. Crank, ($10.3 million) $13 million
3. The Wicker Man, ($9.5 million) $11.7 million
4. Little Miss Sunshine, ($7.5 million) $9.7 million
5. The Illusionist, ($6.3 million) $8 million
6. Talladega Nights. ($6.1 million) $7.7 million
7. Barnyard, ($4.8 million) $6.4 million
8. Accepted, ($4.5 million) $5.9 million
9. World Trade Center, ($4.6 million) $5.8 million
10. Step Up, ($4.6 million) $5.4 million

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