Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Mid-Day Update

as it write this post with less then seven hours untill Katie make her debut ob the CBS Evening News and the hype have kick into massed over-drive if the Tv Newser web site is any inacastion, there are covering all the based for the big night which start at 6:30 PM on WWJ-TV 62 in detroit (if you outside Detroit, check you area to find the nearest CBS station

Web sight:
CBS Evening News

Indie News

Sufjan Stevens want to say Merry X-mas to you on November 21, he is putting out a X-mas album on Asthmatic Kitty records, It will be a massed 5-CD box set with each of the CD with a Theme (Noel,Hark!,Ding! Dong!,Joy and Peace) and there was recorded between December 2001 and June of this year, it will be a mix of tradition and new song Compose by Mr.Steven himself.

He will go on tour For the Avalanche album released this year but the closed Detroit Dates are Sept.23 in Indy and Sept.26 in Chicago.

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