Tuesday, September 05, 2006

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Katie Big Debut Show Review

"Hi, everyone","I'm very happy to be with you tonight."

That was the First Words Said Out of Katie Couric as she Anchor the CBS Evening News For the Very First Time after all the Hyped afher 15 years of doing the Moring Sifte on a Andoher Network, Her Prime time Debut was just the Same as as any other Newscast over the last 50 years the Diffence was who was doing the Newscast, the News on CBS was spit up in to two Half no.1 was today news in a nut shell with a Exclusive by Lara Logan on "The resurgence of the Taliban:" and "Change in strategy: War on terror" and the rest of the Newscast was a little Light Fare with the very OK, Which have the First picture of Suri Cruise in Vantiy Fair.

They did a very good job with the Set, Graphed, and look of there Newscast they have even have the Great Walter Cronkite doing the Intro which thought was very good from the Old school to the News School.

But Overall i think tonight First news cast was very good, nothing special as it go along it was a very good Debut for Here First show, it was proable the same NewsCast you would see on ABC or MBC No Matter Who Was doing the newscating

But to thouse Review out there i say Dont Worried She Will be Fine.


Reaction From Tvnewser.com

"The Evening News looks great!"

> "It feels like Dateline. Not a newscast, and not 60 Minutes. More like a blend of news and Extra. Dateline is the closest thing. Yikes..."

> "CBS now has my 'eyes' at 6:30pm. Good mix of top stories, well-paced, and other features that are, at least, somewhat unique. The set and graphics rock, and Uncle Walter, though not the voice he was, still adds a 'signature' touch..."

> "While NBC Nightly News was updating viewers on Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy's operation, CBS was showing pix of baby Suri. Enuf said..."

> "It just didn't seem like they had as much news as they did when Scheiffer was on there..."

> "Watch for instant dissing from the right-wing blogosphere. Tom Friedman bashed Bush. And Morgan Spurlock is not exactly a conservative pin-up boy, despite the pro-civility message..."

> "The Katie Show wasn't worth the price of admission. The gimmicks can't be repeated, so tomorrow and the next day will be better indicators..."

> "Not bad for a first outing..."

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