Saturday, September 09, 2006

Hey Everybody today is

Dally Day in Detroit

Everybody is invite on Second and Forester and Hancock and third
11 AM to 11 PM

Be There


The Full Dally Music Line-Up

Forest Stage

11:30 AM Friends of the Family
12:30 PM Ralph Tope Jazz Band
1:30 PM Lola Morales
2:30 PM Funkilinium
3:30 PM The Odessa Harris Group
4:30 PM Jessie Palter Quartet
5:30 PM Philharmonic
6:30 PM Diviniti
7:30 PM DJ Blackman
8:30 PM Pathe Jassi
9:30 PM Layabouts
10:30 PM Brothers Groove

Garden Stage

11:30 AM 102 in the Shade
12:00 PM The Space Band
1:00 PM The Brakeman
2:00 PM Corndaddy
3:00 PM Big Lake Trawler
4:00 PM The Syreens
5:00 PM Ethan Daniel Davidson
6:00 PM Ralph Koziarski & Howard Glazer
7:00 PM Handsome Dan
8:00 PM The Pickups
9:00 PM The Saltminers
10:00 PM Blair

Alley Stage

Loup Garou and The Jambinos will be the MC's along with
the performance artist known as "The Millionaire".
11:30 AM Coup Detroit
12:20 PM The Variations
1:15 PM Anadonia
2:10 PM Space Heaters
3:00 PM I, Crime
4:00 PM Brave Rifles
5:00 PM Velveteen Rabbit
5:50 PM The Frustrations
6:50 PM The Decks
7:40 PM Aphonic
8:30 PM The Beggars
10:15 PM SSM

Urban Electronica

7:30 PM darkcube
8:15 PM Punisher
9:30 PM Rich Korach VS. John Johr

Update at 10: AM

Just Check The Forcast and it is Sunny The Bad Wheater is to the North overnight, There will be clouds and a few spoty shower thur out the day.

So for the Dalley



c_neil said...

Ethan Daniel Davidson is on the Roster!
Do you know where I can get information about his tour dates now that his website doesn't work?

Anonymous said...

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