Tuesday, November 07, 2006

2 PM Mid trem eletion update

From the Detroit Free Press Web SIght

Callers flood Detroit Bureau of Elections lines

Detroit residents calling the city's Bureau of Elections for help today are being met with clogged lines -- sometimes busy, sometimes diverting them to answering machines.

Alaina Beverly, staff attorney for Advancement Project, said it's important for residents to be able to reach those numbers if they arrive at their polling place and are told that they're either at the wrong precinct or otherwise aren't able to vote.

The problem was reported by Advancement Project, a democracy and justice action group, about 11 a.m. Detroit officials reportedly added several phone lines and operators, but problems persisted this afternoon.

One of the numbers, 313-876-0222, was busy at 12:55 p.m. and went to an answering machine 20 minutes later. A second number, 313-876-0190, went to an answering machine about 1 p.m. and was busy at about 1:15 p.m.

The only number answered was 313-224-1959 at about 1:10 p.m. A woman answering the phone said she'd been inundated with calls and was handling them as quickly as possible. Twenty minutes earlier, the number was busy.

Some residents faced with obstacles at the polls will be given provisional ballots they'll be asked in an envelope, but Beverly said those envelopes are "significantly less likely to be counted" because of potential validation problems.

Residents who file such ballots can return to the clerk's office within six days to ensure their votes are counted by bringing proper identification, proof of residence or other paperwork that might have thwarted their voting efforts today.

Thing are get in bad in Michigan Floks

But there is some goo news floks

But it could be a good night if turn out is any inacastion

From DailyKos.com

State officials are projecting a strong turnout and reported a busy morning at the polls, which opened at 6 a.m. today. Turnout in Danbury, Wilton, New Britain and Vernon was outpacing that from two years ago, said Dan Tapper, spokesman in the secretary of the state's office.

A suspected reason for the large turnout is the race between Sen. Joe Lieberman and anti-war challenger Ned Lamont. Lamont's primary victory was widely seen as a referendum on Iraq -- and a sharp rebuke of Lieberman's pro-war views.

This bodes well not just for Lamont, but also for our Democratic congressional candidates. This was always a team Democratic effort, in spite of Lieberman.

But the could not be said for the SC Gov

From Dailykos.com

A poll manager says that Governor Mark Sanford was turned away from his home precinct Tuesday morning because he did NOT have his voter registration card.

Bob Crawford poll manager at Sullivan's Island Elementary School
says the governor was not allowed to vote

Crawford says first lady Jenny Sanford voted, but the governor
was going to a voter registration office to get a new card.

The Laura Ingraham Flood with dems vote help crank call have goting over 183 in a hours alone.

From TalkingpointsMemo.com

The FBI is looking into possible voter intimidation in Virginia's hard-fought U.S. Senate contest between Republican incumbent George Allen and Democrat Jim Webb," reports the Richmond Times-Dispatch. The intimidation -- including threats of arrest -- appeared to be concentrated in heavily Democratic areas.


My wife just came home from voting here in Webster Groves MO. She used the electronic touch-screen voting system. . . She touched Claire McCaskill's picture and the machine recorded a vote for Jim Talent. She then called one of the people running the polling center who helped her correct the problem. My wife then had to call the person over another time after it recorded her vote a Republican again. In her frustration she asked the person who was responsible for the design of this system. The polling person leaned in very close to my wife and whispered, "We're f----d."


Cook Political Report, CQ Politics, and the Rothenberg Political Report are all agreeing astonishing 43 GOP-held seats are either toss-ups or are tilting towards the Dem.


And it still raining in Detroit Home Base

But i have not seen a polical ads as off 2 PM so i guess the ads have stop.

More to come a one long post begin at 6 PM

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