Thursday, November 09, 2006

Major Breaking Culture News

As i get back to Detroit and Indie Pop Culture News

This is Big Breaking Local Pop Culture News big Time

The 4th of July street Festaivl in the New Centre area the have been called Comerica's Tastefest have change it name, it will no longer be called Comerica's Tastefest, but it is now called

Comerica's Cityfest

now you are asking the question why the name change

The New Center Council Inc which run the festival deciede to rename the festival relective of the free event that has grown from a tasting event to a locally and nationally recognized cultural experience. It offers an eclectic mix of restaurants, artists, varied local and national musical acts, and more.

Michael Solaka, president of the New Center Council told the detroit news "better describes what the event has evolved into," "It's not all about food."

mean whied “Renaming the festival was motivated by several factors including the growth of the event, its expanding scope of activities and attractions, and most importantly, the public’s overwhelming support for it,” said Jerry Burgess, chairman, New Center Council. “And for once, it’s just great to have change brought about due to positive influences.”

The Fest in the last few years have gone from a Ok taste of chicago like event to a major music festival which singail the half way mark.

This years event have gig from The Playbacks, Thhe Hard Lesson, Blance and host Cat Power, Common, The New pronagers and and in the past they also hosted from gig from Jet, The von Bondies, SSM and other.

This is just breaking
Broke Free Press sight at about 11:41 AM
i just got on the computher and just found out about it
There will be more to come.

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