Monday, November 06, 2006

A Very good Weekend in Detroit
with Video From Youtube at this moment

I hoped you have a good weekend it was a good one for me i got to see about three gig in detroit area it was live and local and loud, My Ears hurt so i give you a brife review and a Video from that band i saw from you tube (Pending if it have not been taking down by the Copy right police)

Friday Night


I Went out late to see a band i have not seen since Dally in the alley and on of the best underground indie band ever in detroit, the new Grenadas they have a very good show, not bad for band who have not played in a long time there were back up by a improving new band called I, crime playing there power-puff romatic rock with nice co-lead vocal by ANDERSON WALWORTH and JENNIE KNAGGS, i caught the first band Mas and there were good.

Saturday Night


Well there is a first time for ever thing and and saturday night was the first time i went to the Birck buliding just paralled to the magic stick on Trumbull ave. just down the street from old tiger stauimd called the Trumbullplex and saw the DC girl band Partyline the band fronted by ex-Bratmobile leader the very pretty and cute Allison Wolfe who put on the short headlining gig i ever saw clock in at 23 or 24 mintues over there debut EP "Girls With Glasses" and there debut full lengnt "Zombie Terrorist" (Which clock in a very quick and very short 18 minteus) which rock out and have fun durring there set that in mid song Allison went to the merch table and got drink for durring the show, but that was a very good and very fun gig and not that pretty nice.

But the band that follow partyline Love or Perish was very good, there a co-ed band from NYC.

(Ed Note: i did do a interview with Allison Wolfe after the show, but i did not unpause the tape once i press record, Ouch)

PARTYLINE - "Trophy Wifey"
Sunday Night

The Starlite Desperation

I was so cal night at the belmont i chath the the tale end of the first band i can not remember th ename of the first, but i did like the second band from the bubbling LA So-Cal Indie Scene which is from long beach the sweet sound of "this Blush" there music is very good with the Sweet vocals of the lovely MARLAINE who was very good, and then the band who live for a short time in detroit The Starlite Desperation that once boost Von Bondies Yasmen Smith as a member and now still living in LA and came back to detroit to play a show and they were very good and very hard as they play a lot of there old stuff and mostly new stuff and there were very good.

And thank you Bass player Hethur Suval for giving me a copy of the tour CD i will listen to it this week after the electon.

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