Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Last separt post of the Day
The 4 PM report

There now lieing to win

From K-OS

Inaccurate sample ballots describing Republican Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. and Senate candidate Michael S. Steele as Democrats were handed out to voters in at least four polling sites in Prince George's County this morning.

The ballots were handed out by people who said they arrived by buses this morning from Pennsylvania and Delaware.

Erik Markle, one of the people handing out literature for Ehrlich, who is seeking reelection, and Steele, the current lieutenant governor who is campaigning to replace retiring Sen. Paul Sarbanes (D), said he was recruited at a homeless shelter in Philadelphia.

After a two-hour bus ride to Maryland, Markle said the workers were greeted early this morning by first lady Kendel Ehrlich, who thanked them as they were outfitted in T-shirts and hats with the logo for Ehrlich's reelection campaign. Nearly all of those recruited, Markle said, are poor and black. Workers traveled to Maryland in at least seven large buses.

it may not be working

Same site

From the Ehrlich (R-MD) campaign: "Our internal poll tracking is showing that turnout is light in our key counties. If this trend continues through the rest of the day we may face real trouble. In 2002 we won because of the incredible turnout. Our latest comparison of turnout, shows a decline that could put the election in jeopardy."

But things are geting a little bit better

From The Same sight aging

From a Republican: "Rhode Island - High turnout in traditional Chafee towns (Warwick, West Warwick, Narragansett, Barrington, Bristol, North Kingstown and South Kingstown). Also, Chafee ID's in these towns are turning out, between 30% to 50% of Chafee ID's in many of these precincts by 1:00pm. Areas of concern for Chafee are East Providence, high turnout, not a traditionally strong GOP area and low Chafee turnout in East Providence. Coventry turnout high. This is a good town for Governor Carcieri but only average for Chafee. So far (1:00pm) turnout is 28% of the level from the 2000 Presidential year. Expect turnout to approach 400,000."

From a Democrat: "Turnout is high. Especially in interesting places like VA10 and WA5."

"Add those to the number here who have voted early and sent in mail ballots and the total in Southern Nevada so far is 234,000 or so -- that's 36 percent of registered voters. In the last two elections, a large percentage has voted after 3 p.m., so there may be a deluge to come. If the initial number represents about a fourth of those who will vote today, the total turnout could still be above 55 percent. It was 57 percent four years ago."

Polls close in Four hours

Terry Lin From =Troy and the stepsister on a myspace post say she was the 126th that voted today at her polling place with no problum.

as in detroit (Home Base)

well the last i check freep.com

it have a headlines
Voters look forward to quieter phones
the detnews.com
Metro Detroiters brave rain, wait in line to cast votes
From the Ch.4 Blog
Don't let the wet weather keep you inside on Election Day!
Voting this Election Day is turning into a soggy chore. Not only is it raining, but it's cold! It's the perfect combination to keep voters at home -- which is exactly what we don't want. I found my polling place much like the rain, a steady drizzle of voters trickling in. Still, we all did our part.
And the CH.7
i cant tell there buzy there doing a live web cast
so as ch.4
it a web cast old-school TV


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