Monday, October 29, 2007

It's 9 O'Clock

And it was over a week ago that "Blanche" have there CD released party For there Brand New Album which was released Last week every where which is called "Little Amber Bottles" on the Original Signal Records out of New York

Now almost three weeks ago i was going to play the 1st video off the New record "What This Town Needs", But i was saveing post for this blog site 1,000 post, so i was seacrhing this video, i found a second video off "Little Amber Bottles" and it was Just released and it called No Matter Where You Go.

So i persent both Video to you

"What This Town Needs"

"No Matter Where You Go"

and if you want more "Blanche" Madness they recently played the BBC Elecrict Proms last week in the UK and better yet it was recorded for the BBC Web sight so you can see the whole set no the BBC Electic Proms Web Sight at there gig is only up there untill Sunday.

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