Monday, October 29, 2007

Culture City Follow up a look at the Rating with "The Next Great American Band" with the Muggs on it

Well, it was a good weekend it the Detroit metro area i went to the Wayne state game and worst i came to the game late aging i show up near the 2nd quarter and the bad news the Wayne State Warriors loss there 6th game of the season losing to Northwood 45-25 making there record a disappointing 3-6 with two game left.

at least the team did a little bit better than "The Next Great American Band" on FOX, if you read my post on Saturday Morning i did a brake down of show two "The Next Great American Band" on FOX, now if you want the full review that including detroit own "The Muggs" you can Scrool down or you can
link here.

But for those of you who don't follow ratings and i know a lot of you don't follow them, the first live studio show of the "America Idols" like show with rock bands [If you want to call the rest rock bands] went on Friday Night at and for thouse of you think the live studio show would boost up the show rating a little bit, think aging.

Show 2 Lost almost 20% of there viewer from the opening show last week, the show lost almost 740,000 viewers and the show Sunk to a total rating of 1.2 in the 18 to 49 demo and finish dead last for the night, It even drew barley over half of what the network finish 4th place finisher the CW which program wrestling also from 8-10 pm and it drew 4.61 millions viewers and a 1.4 and drew a Quarter less then CBS which top the network for the night[Show aired on that night on that time Ghost Whisperer and Moonlight]

What i think happened why this show flop the way it did you have to get out of the 313 and Beyond the 313[Wayne],248[Macomb],810[Oakland], and 734[Washtenaw]where "The Muggs" have big time support, may be the aveage Viewers did watch this show last week or a Indie fan was looking for some new fans and watch this show and saw some horrible crappy music or did not like the music at all did not came back, Ok some made Fans with "The Muggs"[ or "ROCKET" [] on my space, but did not come back.

and also you can see that the public is getting tried of all the show that have a American Idols spin on it, i am tried of it too myself, and also it was on a Friday Night which is the second worst night of the week next to Saturday night Because a lot of them are going out meeting there friend or going to a gig for some real music.

So despite "The Muggs" begin on the show [and i hoped you voted for them last Friday over and over aging.] The Show is not a big hit it is a big time dud, and with November sweep coming up [used by network and station to set ads rates base on viewers]the show is on shakey ground and my not survived on the network during the full run [which run until the Finally on December 21th].

So you are asking what will happened with the show if the show sink any lower let say under 2 millions viewers or worst a rating under 1.0, well hear are some Secnardio that could Happened.

Secnardo No.1: Despite the Low viewership, Fox keep it on the Scheduled, it 50-50 it could happened they just keep it on Friday and viewer will just let it alone and just disappeared.

Secnardo No.2: It get pulled for the FOX line-up and move it to there own Cable Channel FX, Now this is more likely to happens when show like this total bomb total bomb it move to a cable network to run out it run.

It have happened once before back in 2004 when FOX put Boxer Oscar Dela Hoya boxing reality show The Next Great Champ it came out months before NBC own boxing reality show "The Contender" after only four show of bad rating the show was cancelled and the rest of the run was on Fox Sports Net.

Secnardo No.3: FOX pulled the show and move it on-line to there website [], well this is highly unlikely, yes a lot of you are watching TV online these days, but it since watching at a set time is imposable in the watch what every you watch world, SO this is unlikely.

Secnardo No.4: it is also highly unlikely, that Fox pulled the Plug on the show all together, now if the Other Network saw the rating like that it would be pulled ASAP, but it on FOX and the production company [19 Entertainment] put a lot of money to be the next big thing so to pulled it from the line-up is not a good Idea, But it happened once before.

Last Summer about two month after i began the blog sight[and thanks god i did not blog about this] ABC aired a idols meet Big Brothers reality singing series called The One: Making a Music Star, it also aired on CBC in Canada because it was hosted by a Canadian George Stroumboulopoulos[Which you can see on his show called "The Hour" which you can see on Ch.9 - CBET-TV]it even permed the CBC National Newscast Call "The National" in Eastern Canada, The Show was a big time flop and it was pulled after two least watch show and all the show never compete it run.

So that what i think what will happened to the show, and since i am a Detroiter and where all behind "The Muggs" i will be watching the show aging on Friday night at the H.Q.[Because i was watching the show at Small's on Friday and only 11 people show up which make a boring night with the red wings game flip flop in between. so after the show [if the Muggs survived round One of the Voting] i will put up the the 1-888 Number so you can vote over and over aging.

And yes it will aired at 8 PM on FOX [WJBK-TV, FOX 2]

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