Saturday, November 03, 2007

Culture City Follow Up on the Rating for Show No.3 of "The Next Great American Band"

this is a Update, following up last night dreadfully Sir Elton John Cover night for the Next Great American Band on Fox Last night and i wish i have some better news but to tell you the turht even with Detroit Own "The Muggs" and ROCKET [The only two band that i know on the show]on it.

This show is DOA [dead on Arrived]

Before i give week Rating let look at the 1st two weeks for comparison:

[All in the Total Viewers and 18-49 Demo]

Week 1 - 10/19[Audition show]
3.57 million viewers/1.5 rating/5 share
Week 2 - 10/26[1st live Studio show]
2.87 million viewers and a 1.2 rating/4 share

This week well you might want to called this show[And no disrespect to the muggs and ROCKET who i like}"The Next Worst Band in American.

The show Bottom out in with a grand total of

2.31 million and a Rating in the Age 18-49 Demo of 1.0/3 Share

Now that is Down by 560,000 viewers from last week show when all 12 bands cover Bob Dylan, with a rating like that it look like the viewer move on to something else earther on TV or going out to a real gig with real music.

Now the show is going to go up until it finally on December 21th, but to be on point i don't know if it will be on until the finally on Dec. 21th

As For the Muggs will they move on is also a big question mark, last night there where doing there original, "Should've Learned My Lesson.", but totally bomb with there Sir Elton Cover "I Guess That's Why They Call it the Blues," but the Judges were also hard on Front man Danny Methric vocals.

Even Judge Ian (Dicko) Dickson suggest that It's time for a three-piece to become a four piece. Get a singer."

Will see it 'The Muggs Survived next week, But where will it aired that the big question with rating for the show this poor i don't know if is going to be on Fox any time longer, they could move it to the FX Cable channel or some thing i did not mention on the post on Monday, they could move it to the Fox Owned "My Network TV" for the rest of the run.

What ever happened will let you know.
and come back early this evening for video from last night show with video from the song Elton sang.

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