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The Culture City Review of Show Three of "The Next Great AMerican Band with Detroit "The Muggs"

Well, people who read this blog site i don't know what is tougher, Sitting in Front of a computer for about three or four hours listening to a lot of bands i have never ever heard before and going to there my space page to listen to a couple of songs to see if this band is worldly for NEW MUSIC TUESDAY [every Tuesday on this site] or listen to two really bad hours of really bad music with a cover song trown in for good measure.

That what i have listen to tonight on show number three of the lonely watch The Next Great American Bands on Fox, but the bigger question is did the muggs Survived last week and Take the stage to cover a song from the great songwriting team of all time Sir Elton John and Bernie Taupin.

But from the look of thing it would be a long, Long Wait, Unlike American Idols, "So you think you can dance" and "Dancing with the stars" this show do not have a Follow up result show the day after the live show so instead of a result show the band have no idea who will get voted off the show, they get to wait in a room that look like a medium size Eurovision song contest green room

and the band Order was announced one by one meaning the Top 10 bands that made it get to play on stage and the two bands that recied the lowest amount of votes have to be told that your not going on it just like getting to the gig and learning in the man in Charge the venue is Double Book.

This week the bands did song in reverse unlike last week when they did the cover and a Oregoal song well this week it was in Reverse, they did one of there own song and the cover.

Our Own "The Muggs" was band number Eight out of the ten bands that play on this week show they played the song "Shoud've Learn my Lesson" and they did a really good job with the song as they as they preform live but when they did the cover of Sir Elton "I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues," from his Mult-Platinum 1983 album "Too Low For Zero" and aldought i like the muggs, the song that they cover was awful as kid growning up listen to radio back in the 80's when radio was still cool, this song was a great song but after listening to there version it was total un recognisable it was total mess up with the guitar and worst i could understand the words to the song making this cover hard to listen to.

The Three Judges of Doom: Goo Goo Dolls Johnny Rzeznik, Drummer Sheila E. and Ian "Dicko" Dickson was not feeling it,Johnny like the Original song they played but he called the band choice of the Sir Elton Song a poor Chocie of a song, Sheila E. also was disappointed with the song and question the vocals of frontman Danny Metric, Dicko keep it very short said the tune was rubbish and it sound like Bart Sampson's on helium and suggest the band hired a forth member of the band for the vocal and let Danny fouce on the Guitar work.

OK, i will agreed there Sir Elton Version of the song did stunk, but to add Fourth members to as well know and very well like Detroit Band is just plane Crazy if it work well with a very tight three piece band, adding a fourth member just for the vocals will only mess up the dynamic of the band and worst would be just plane bad, come on Dick-o do you know any three pieces band that are good in both singing and playing a guitar at the same time and if you do pleased e-mail to this blog site at the right side of the Menu.

The Other bands i Digg, the only All Female band in the completion "ROCKET" did a really good song original song but they too did a bad cover Sir Elton song they did what else "Rocket Man" and to tell you the thurt is was not that good, and after the two song set the Judges was compiling big time on the vocal control of there lead singer Lauren who all three did not like, telling her she need work on the vocal.

Now after last week cover of Bob Dylan they have to cut off two band from the show and i am sorry to say it was not "dot,dot,dot" sad to say they they live to play this week, they was a little better and a little bit better looking but they sound too poppy and they look like a hybrey of "My Chemical Romance" and "Panic at the Disco'

this week the two un lucky bands that was let go was NYC indie band "The Hatch" and LA soul pop band "the Likes of You" where sent home goning back to the indie scene where they be long.

And one more thing i think all of the bands Elton Johns cover tonight totally sucks to tell you the thurh they where totally bad, it would worst if the same band preform all the song in a karaoke bar ouch!, and worst it Sir Elton was watching this he would puck big time.

Will know if the Muggs Survived Next week show Next Friday, but the big question is where will it be on after the 1st two show have avg. over 3 millions viewers and have rank lower then the CW Network "WWE Friday Night Smackdown", but some say the show will complete it run and who know it will be on because of the pending writer strike that go into effect on Monday.

so check back on Saturday for the Full result.

And For those who was dis a poited with all those Sir Elton cover

he is a classic video of the most Famost Sir Elton Cover all all time and was introduce by Bernie Taupin, you know what song it is and the man who sing it.

Rocket Man
words by Sir Elton John and Bernie Taupin.
Sung by Captin Kurt
A.K.A. William Shatner at 1978 Sci-Fi Awards show

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Anonymous said...

the javelins are a great detroit band with only three members who all sing well and play their instruments well at the same time!

I like the way danny sings! screw sheila!