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The Indie New Round Up

Now you talk about a day this is it.

Yes there was big news around the Detroit Music Secen today i dont know where to being, But if you are not in the know or just not insert, this is Big News, first let start off with the big news of the day.

De-tour the Locially Base pop culture Blog which start in May of this year and had there Launch party this September at the Stick compelx and at the CAID to a huge respond will do it aging, Next spring there are putting on the De-Tour Rock City Music Fessival that will be held next spring at the Majestic Theatre Center[Magic Stick, Majestic Theater, and Garden Bowl] . in what the press released put out today that the msuic Festival will echoing the music and mayhem of Detour’s now-infamous September ‘07 launch party.

The Detour Rock City Music festival will have over 60 local acts are scheduled to perform, and it will indie rock as alway but it will inclued other music gender as well and that inclued pop, hip-hop, noise music, metal, and more.

The Line up will not be announced untill December, but this part of the story is very, inserting as well, the dates for De-tour Rock City, it will be held on Wednesday, March 5th to Saturday, March 8th, now you are asking why is that insering if any one who know the Detroit Music as well that is the same exctic time as the Metrotimes Hamtramck Blowout which as you already know start on a wednesday and end on a Saturday and the Pre Party before the blow out in Hantramck is at guess where Majestic Theatre Center.

The Moment the PR came down to the Reguarl Press and the blogging Press [This One Included]many of the readers was posting commet began calling it the end of the Hamtramck blow out with Post like this:

"Taking one look at this and one can infer that the annual Hamtramck Metro Times Blowout has celebrated it’s final year."

Either that, or it’s going to be a head-to-head battle royal.

From the De-Tour Site

“Let’s ruin the other guy’s party by having ours on the same night. That way we can see who gets more people to come and who is the better magazine.”

From the Web Vomit Site

that leave a big question: and that is Will there be a Hamtramck Blowout this year? now i have Been reading the this on the Detroit Base Blog all day and that is a big question and one other factor to think off the publisher and co-founder De-tour is Anthony Morrow who was the Ad Market Dirctor for the Metro Times for a number of years, but after this year Blowout Morrow and Other MT staffer that include Ex-music Editor Johnny Loftus either Left, Quit, or Got Fired.

So one have to wonder have to wonder is this payback to the metrotimes?, I dont know because i did not contact either the Metrotimes or Detour For commet, but for one thing i know for sure they will not be going Head to Head on the same weekend because they made spilt the fans down the Middle.

One Possable that maybee the metrotimes may move the Blow out for a week later to March 12th to the 15th, but the bigger problum is would fan goes to the festival a week later, the Blowout have always been on the First weekend of March, would the music fans would go to two festival back to back.

I was wipeout back in Septmeber by going to Four Music Festival as yes they where all back[Hamtramck Festival] to back[Dally in the Alley] to back[The People Art Festival at the Russell insteral Center] to back[The Detour Launce Party].

Or have the last Note have been played at the Blowout, now just to let you know where only Four Months away untill the the event, so between Now and Early March keep up date as if we know anything on who playing the Rock City Music Festival, But for now you can check on the De-Tour web sight at

In Other News:

There is Sad News:

Ex-Ramones manager found Murdered

The Ex-manager of the Ramones during the early days fo the punk rock era and Ex-wife of Seymour Stein, Linda Stein was found dead in Her New York City Atpartment on Wednesday Morning by her Daugher, the NYC Police are treating it as a Homcied there was no force entry, and pocilc have no suspect as of yet.

Stain co-manage the Ramones during the early days of the punk rock movment from 1977 to 1980 and after the ramones she when into Real Eastate where she sold house to the stars including Madonna, Sting and other big-name celebs, SHe was 62.

"In Rainbow" CD From will come out on XL Records"

After Shocking the world when the Band Radiohead told fans to name you own price for the down load version of raduohead News Album "In Rainbows" The band have announce a Deal with XL records to released the CD Versions of the album outside the US, there still looking for a US Lable to release it in the US, The "In RainBows was Download over 1.2 millions times with fans paying anywhere from $4 to $8 for the Download.

you can Name you Own Price for a CD, Why Not a Music Magitine.

The Montly Music Print Magitzine call Paste which have a Free CD have taking a page out of the "Radiohead" Playbook, For a limited time only when you got Paste Websight you can Name your Own Price for a 11 Months subscription of the Music magazine, hey you can pay a Dollar for the Subscription which also include Gift Subscrition or rewnel for the magzine.

AnD Dont forget the Muggs on Friday.

And one more thing you let you know this Friday well see weaher or Not the Muggs Move on to Show three of show so bad, but Detroit own Muggs are on it were covering it agisint our one will, The Next Great American Band will aired as Schchel at 8 PM on Friday on FOX [FOX 2 in Detroit]as The Muggs will compet, Now since there No Follow up result show the day after so we dont know.

But According to a Blog post from Detroit News Melody Baetens on someone attending the taping of the show posted a post on[yes the same web sight that ride Sayjay to victory, well almost] that the Mugg survied the round and will go on to do two more songs and the cover song for the night will be the one and Only Elton John wow this will be fun.

Remember i will be home on Friday so i will review the wohle show from start to finish and post my review after the show {beging less the 3 millions who watch Dylan beging mess up last week]and i will post the Muggs Numbers after the show on this site From 10 PM to midnight on this sight.

Or if you want to root them on in a bar, you can go to there own home bar at the Cadieux Cafe on Detroit East Side at 4300 Cadieux Rd.

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