Monday, October 29, 2007

Video From Friday Night The Next Great American Band on Fox with Detroit own Muggs.

And now here some Video from show two of the show that even if "the Muggs" were not would not even watch the show, But Since the Muggs played well on Friday Night i am covering it against my own will.

it a few bands from Show Two of "The Next Great American Band" on Fox, now if this show was really, really good i would put every band on it but if you have been reading my blog sight i have not been likeing the show even with "The Muggs" was on the show.

so i will be putting video from the bands i like, did like but have back away and did some what enjoy.

The Muggs
[which included a report from the Friday night FOX 2 News at 10 PM and pleased forgive the crapped video during the report.]

Verdict: Great


Dylan song: Bad
Original: very Good

Dot,Dot, Dot

Verdict: Yuck!

Light of Doom

Verdict: hey they was really good

The Rest: Don't even Ask i be bored to sleep, Big time that make me want to change the channel to a red wings game.

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