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i think this is the right time to announced this on My blog site
so here it goes

As the editor an the only writer on the it came from culture city blog site
for the last two year i have been focus on the indie culture that have been so under reported that bands that sound so good have been push to the side for the total carp that we been force feed.

i have been doing a good job of it for those last few years but i need to played the music for the last 12 years that i have like so much, so back in February i did my first D.J. night which was called "Culture City Live" which was held at "The Belmont" in Downtown Hamtramck, it was my 1st time doing DJ ever and it was a real fun time, i was going to do it with two bands but a third was added at the last minutes.

it was so good kyle Mcbeey lead singer of the "Dead Letters" ask me to do a second DJ night at the "Northern Light Lounge" at Detroit New Center Area, I D.J. that night with the "Dead Letters", "Giant Tigers" from Nashville and I, Crime and it was a good night.

i have not done a DJ since then

until Now

I am proud Announced

It Came From Culture City

"This Time it Count"

it will be held live on
Saturday, September 20
Live as it happened at "The Belmont"
which is located at 10215 Jos Campam (between Holbrook and Caniff)
in Downtown Hamtramck

The Doors will open at 8 PM
they start Charging cover at about 9 PM
and live music will start at 10 PM

Now i will spinning music from the only bands that matters
from 9 P.M. until 2 A.M.
and yes it must end at 2 A.M.
it the law in Michigan.

Now with DJ ing we must have bands
and guess what we will have bands
and we have two bands and may have a tried

The first band who will headline the night
is from Chicago, and i know what you are saying
you got either the Dials or Chicago "Bang! Bang!
the bad news we got neither band
but it would be cool.

We got the crazy indie band from the Windy City

the "oh my god" -

Now also we got a second band in the Mix
and yes this is live and local
it would not be Culture City Live without a local Band
and we got a local band
and there close friends of the site
and real cool mellow indie rock band

The Decks

Now one more thing i have to mention i have ask a third band
to played the gig on September 20th they may or may not play on Sept 20th
at this time i will not mention the band because i don't want to jinks it

the Cover for this night will be
$5 for anybody 21 and over
$7 for anybody between the age of 18 - 20 years old

it will be a real good time
it going to be live and it going to be local
and it going to be great
Be There.

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