Monday, August 11, 2008

Day 2
Sunday, August 9th

as the time you read this a midnight
day three is full underway.

and Oh My god Day three of the Olympic got some drama big time as the end of the 4 x 100m freestyle relay was one of the best of all time, it look like the French was back up the talk and win the event claming they can sink Michael Phelps and Co., but thet almost back up the talk but if was not for Jason Lezak 46 seconds flat on the last lag we would be holding sliver.

Michael Phelps got his second gold, only six more to go

also winning Medal on was Katie Hoff in the 400-meter freestyle it look like for a moment she was going to take home gold and then she nix at the wall by Rebecca Adlington of Britain, and was relagated to the sliver, have not take the top of the podium yet.

also in the swimming final

Japan Kosuke Kitajima won gold in the Men's 100-Meter Breaststroke
Aussie Lisbeth Trickett beat out Christine Magnuson for the Women's 100-Meter Butterfly Gold.

Also, The big warm up to the backyard flip flop cold gym showdown took place
as the women gymnasts team qualifications took place at the National Indoor Stadium,
and as expect both the Chinise and the american finish on top of there group in there sesstion, but the China was a little bit better than the star and stripes girls but not but much.

The American did good despite some mistake on the Floor and on the bars and worst one them member Samantha Peszek twisted her ankle during warm up and was force to do one event the Bars. But did make up for it on Beam to keep it that close.

So that set the big team final on Tuesday Night [EDT] so this this will be glam brawl on the gym floor.

The NBA Stock USA Basketball team began there quest to recalm the gold after a disapointing Brozen back in 2004 in Athens, there 1st opponet was China and there famost big man Yao Ming of the Hoston Rockets who playing his first game since injery his ankle during the NBA season.

The chinese made it very close during the 1st quarter getting with in four as they trail 20-16 but the US team pulled away with a big three quarter where they lead 25-11 to pulled away to win 101-70, Miami Heat Dwayne Wade lead all score with 19 points, follow by his royal scoreness Lebron James have 18 points.

Yao did wall for the chiness with a double-double haveing 13 point and 10 rebounds, and for all you piston fans Tayshaun Prince played eight mintues and have three rebounds.

So After about the end of Day Two
so here is the Medal standing
[Not counting the early morning medal event]

China - 8 [6 Gold]
United States - 8 [2 Gold]
South Korea - 5 [3 Gold]
Italy - 4 [1 Gold]
Russia - 4 [No Gold]

Tommorrow in Day 3

- USA vs. China in woman Hoops and in Water Polo
- And more Michael Phelps.

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