Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Desk Chiar review of today in the PC Olympic

Sorry for no post yesterday
i deiced to take the day off
and decide to go to the only good gig
during the entire Olympic "The Duke Spirit" at the stick

i need that time off for the live and tape for live t.v.
and all coverage on-line the trouble i am not watching on the sliver light app
i am watching on beta player where you only get one feed and not only that some that want to watch the replay are begin flew away when the thumbnail is giving away the result ouch!

Oh well, now there one thing i have to mention before i do a full rundown.
because this because subject i should know after seeing so many band with female lead singer and female member in bands over the years

it all about the opening ceremony and one of the moment of the was a 9 year old girl singing "Ode to the Motherland" in front 91,000 people and billions worldwide it sound so pretty, so good, any girl would sing it well it turn out the little 9-year girl was faking it.

i was a seven year girl got the nod to sing at the opening ceremony but was replace by the 9 year old girl because she was not cute engoht, so if you was asking why not have the 9-year gold sing it live, well Beijing official said her voice was not good, so they used a 7 years voice on a 9 year old.

now i was watching it on Friday i did not notice but this story have been getting a lot of play and seeing picture of both the girls you have to ask why did they used used the 7 years old she was cute to sing in front of a world wide adduced

if this was held anywhere else other than china, it would get big time scorned but this is turn out because one of those much to do about nothing.

i would be shock if i learn a pretty avg. band with good vocals was using a voice for another Detroit band who look better then then the band i saw, i would ask hard question big time and would a big time Detroit music scandal that ranks among the great like the WDET programing switch, RAID in the CAID, and Jack and Jason brawl at the stick.

Now let move on to the result and the big overall story on these games have been Swimmer Michael Phelps he been on a roll he won two more on Tuesday night making him the greatest Olympian ever with 11 gold after he won the Men's 200m Freestyle and a gold in the in the 4 x 200 freestyle.

he going for gold no. 6 tonight with 200 individual medley[10:48], could tie it with 100 butterfly[10:10 p.m.]and could be the greatest Olympian every on Saturday when he race in te 4X100 medley relay.

So Here the medal standing after almost 6 days

China - 35 [22 gold]
United States - 34 [10 gold]
South Korea - 16 [6 gold]
Australia - 16 [5 gold]
France - 15 [2 gold]

and if you are wondering where is Team Canada
you be surprise to know that after six days
Canada have zero medals so far.


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