Monday, August 11, 2008

The Desk Chiar review of today in the PC Olympic

This will be a little bit short
three days of staying up untill 3 AM
is taking a toll already

There was two story early this morning [Monday Night EDT]

The US Men gymnastics team was done in the water a few weeks ago when they loss Paul and Morgan Hamm, a lot said the US was finish, done for, never medal, ooh so wrong Thre team hang on for the 1st three rotation but, the China men show why there so good, the US guys was hanging on and after it was all said and done we hold on to the bronze

And Michael Phelps is now 3 for 3
won the 200-meter freestyle he well on his
way to eight.

Meald Standing

China - 14 [9 Gold]
United States - 12 [3 Gold]
South Korea - 8 [4 Gold]
Italy - 8 [3 Gold]
Russia - 6 [No Gold]

Tonight big event in prime time
the floor fight between
US and China in
Woman gymnastics
and it live in prime time.

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