Wednesday, August 13, 2008

there is Now 21 Ex-dirtbombs

I was going to hold it

because i was confriable to put this storys out but it now sort of leak out in the bar scene and was mention last night on Riff 2 Detroit Local 101 show last night, so i will go with this.

Troy Gregory who have been a full time member since 2005 told me and everybody that he is leaving the the dirtbombs after the Sept 5th gig at the magic stick.

The Reason for leaving the band is to foucs on other projects like his New Movie that was produce and film here in Detroit [Ed Note: i was in the film as a speaking extra], also he is planning to record his 1st solo record in about four years [2004 "Laura"] and 1st recorded materlar since 2006 when he recorded with The Witches and the 2006 album "Thriller"

and not only that he was to be closer to his wife Laura who is one of the nicest preson in the detroit rock scene.

he notify all the members of the dirtbombs of his departue expect for Ko Melina who have not know about at the time he made his dections but she made have been told about his departure as the time i write this.

His last show will be on September 5th at the magic stick [that a day before the dally in the alley on Sept. 6th], this is not the first time he been with the Dirtbombs, he was a member for December 1999 through October 2000, he replace Jim Diamond in 2004 Full time.

He is now the [i may be wrong, so pleased correct me if i am] he is the 21st ex-members of the band since it was from by mick collins was back in 1995 as the side project for his other well know band "The Gores"

Now who will be the the New bass player of the band
nobody know
But last night on Riff 2 Detroit Local 101
Co - Host and Detroit News Writer Melody Baetens mention
that the members Have a good idea who there going to ask
to fill in for bass.

Stay tune.


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