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The 2007 Culture City Festive 50 - Part Two No. 40 to No.31

It Now time for act two of the 2007 Culture City Festive 50 Countdown
we pick up the count down with No.40


The Apple in Stereo

This year was a series of new beginning for the band from Denver,CO, first they released there new record which is called "New Magnetic Wonder" which was a good album, they released on a new label "Yep Roc Records" [There other album where on spinART] and not only that finally i got to see them live and in color at the stice in February, and they put on a good show.


Album released this year:
New Magnetic Wonder[Yep Roc Records]


Amy Winehouse

Now she would have rank so much higher if she have not have got in trouble with the booze, the drugs, the husband in jail and begin late all the time to her own gig of worst not showing up at all and if she did show up the gig would be a total tranwreck, now the CD is Good, and her voice is so great, but Amy Clean up with more rehab. i say OK, OK, OK.


Album released this year:
Back to Black[Island]
Frank [Island/U.S. Released - Released in the UK in 2003]


Arctic Monkey

O.K. it can't said that no album will ever top the Break out debut of "Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not" but the monkey prove it still can rock aldought in not sounding like there last album the monkey prover it can still rock out and they was choose aging for the 2007 Mercury Prize, but dream of back to back Mercury was fold by the Klaxons.


Album released this year:
Favourite Worst Nightmare[Domino/Warner Bros.]


You Say Party, We Say Die

to bad i still can not see the band until the U.S.A. because of Visa issued but there still the best punk dance band out there and they did a very find job with there follow up album which was from there debut album "Hit the Floor!" which is also great, so they hit floor and do a gig in Windsor get a passport and see this live band that is so great.


Album released this year:
Lose All Time[Paper Bag Records]


The Long Blones

Aahh!, it was great to see this lovely band from Sheffield and saw the lovely but stylish Kate Jackson [and it you are wondering no it not that Kate Jackson From the old 70 TV Drama Charlie's Angels]and not only that i listen to one of the best album in the Bitisht chart in 2006 as i like the album but i am still stump not a lot of you have not saw the show sham on you.

Video:Weekend Without Makeup

Album released this year.
Someone to Drive you Home[Rough Trade Records]



if your danceable "Nu Rave" sound that are going to bring in the indie crowd congratulation boys from London you did just that you brought in the new gen of rave music in to the massed and not only that put some great song in to our head and not only that that also upended Arctic Monkeys, Bat for Lashes, Dizzee Rascal, Maps, New Young Pony Club, and Amy Winehouse to take home the UK Mercury music prize.

Video:Golden Skans

Album released this year.
Myths of the Near Future[Polydor Records]


Rilo Kiley

the new album did get a mixed reaction, but there was a very good track on the CD like under the blacklight, but they still put on good live show and i can not love seeing there front woman live in person and her lovely red hair and it was one of the rare gig i got to see north of eight mile [they play at the Royal oak music theater back in September.]

Video:Silver Lining

Album released this year.
Under the Blacklight[Warner Bros.]


The Firey Furnaces

it look like almost every year i get to see this very wonderful band play year after year at the magic stick or to some degree St. Andrew Hall or the Shelter and i really like there live show is a over a hour non-stop roller coaster that keep on going and going, this year the band model there latest album from the sound of the 70's radio to make "Window city a really good album.


Album released this year.
Widow City [Thrill Jockey]


The Brunnetts

It is from the best sounding bands that you never hear off this year if your are one of thouse hear-core indie music fans, they got get big indie break this year with "Structure & Cosmetics" there song are really fun to listen to even the lead off track B.A.B.Y. ["Brunettes Against Bubblegum Youth"]and i got see them live, but i fell sorry for the band they was play downstairs the same night as Mines the bear play at the St. Andrew Hall the same night.

Video:Her Hairagami Set

Album released this year.
Structure & Cosmetics [Lil' Chief Records/Sub Pop Records]



the very fun sounding Indie Rock from San Franscio released one of the early year broke out and one new fans with there 8th album "Friend Opportunity" and not only that they received a Friend Opportunity as well when they was one of the first few band to play the crofoot in Pontiac back in September.


Album released this year:
Friend Opportunity [Kill Rock Stars/5 Rue Christine]

20 bands Down, 30 to go and were almost half way there
in the 2007 Culture City Festive 50


The Culture City Festive 50 reach the half way mark as we begin marry the second half of the countdown with with a big spoon as we get our maps for a one in a lifetime road to see who is the best in 2007

It the Countdown continued with
Band No. 30. to Band no. 21
with a half way countdown in the middle.

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