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Live and Local Review - 2008 Comerica Cityfest

JULY 7th, 2008

Don't Worried Kids the real music being at 5 P.M.

well it great day to go to a festival enjoy ice cream, play tag around the park and sing-along song and then we when to the the stage and saw a very cool singing duo and play some some cool song and was asking in believed in world peace and go to school every day and become one of them and to rules the world, oh boy this is the best day ever.

O.K. the Above statement i wrote did not happened yesterday at cityfest, now just to start i have no knock at the new center council who have done a great job so far which this year cityfest mixing the difference music mixed.

But if you ever read this blog site over the last two years you probable know i write about the indie music etiher here in the 313 outside the 313 and some from the proud country of England, but a you know i try to avoid all the bad music like American idols, over-produce top 40 music and not only that kid music.

so i did not go to cityfest early on Saturday like in years past because this year the mix it giving the whole Saturday afternoon to family so mom and dad can thak the kids so and the band they have at the main stage was Disney music stars Aly and A.J. as you know if you get popular stars like it going to be a frenzy of music that i can not stand and not only that it a little too crazy some body told me that over 200 kids was at the stage at about 9 AM a near two hours before city fest open and almost five full hours.

all for a made for tv group, and i was thinking what will these you kids will be thinking about music in the Next ten years and they will be think did i listen to that, i should know Before i broke pre-teen phase of my life i listen to almost the same kind of music on TV and on the radio but after listing the same crap over and over aging finally i found my indie Garden angle in 1996 [Thanks Juliana Hatfield] and the same Stars who ruled the charts way back when have now been downgraded to D-list star on bad really show on VH1.

So in the instead of my own music taste i stay away for cityfest as far away as possible from the hours of noon to 6 PM and during that time i was typing the friday report and when to my friend Teri-Leyn moving sale [she moving to Poland] so i drop by and stay there for about two hours and move on i got to the 2nd downtown [new Center]at about before 6 PM and get ready to listen to real music for the day.

and i got to tell you the guy who producer the park stage Sterling know his music and his put on a great stage on this day as i saw for the first time the wonderful band from mid-Michigan called "Lighting Love" and there sound is so quirky and so fun and so lovely on stage there lead singer Leah Diehl remind me of Joanna Newsome without the Harp.

They won over the crowd sterling ask them to play a encore but they run out of songs so they play one of there 1st song over aging i thought there are a real good band will hear them over the years.

They have a very good warm up act was Sliverghost the band who made up Marcie Bolen and Deleano Acevedo and they were good but not at the level of there gig at the Hamtramck blowout, i not saying there was nothing wrong with the set they was fun to listen too with there mix with mix of Lo-fi new wave and rock style and was looking great up there not only that it was great to see marcie again up there in the Cityfeast stage which was cool.

but the crowd that got a great draw was Culture city under the radar fave "Great Lakes Myth Society" now i have seen them ten times already and there one of the best live band who know to put on a good show not only that this was a make up show because for a gig that was also wash out in Ann Arbor the same system that wash out Wednesday line up at cityfest.

also i saw the second half of the "the Beggers" who put on really great show as they was harming it up on the Pure Detroit Second Ave. Stage and they know who to have fun which there style of rock which have a frat party style to it.

One one more day to go at Cityfest before we all go back to work on Monday, it going to be a nice all around for the last day so enjoy it and i hear a crazy rumors that a Funkadelic Mothership will land in front of the mainstage at about 5:30 PM and what i have been told the mothership will bring in the funk, i did know what that mean but when i see it i get back to you.


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