Sunday, July 06, 2008

Today live at Cityfest with today 4Cast

Well this is it, ther final day of the five day Free music and civic gig fest, now unlike the first four day today hours is a little bit diffence it close at 8 PM today so you will have a little bit of day light all day today

and unlike day one where it rain all night it have been sunny all week long and for the last day of Cityfest it no diffence it going to be real nice for the last day so it safe to say, it going clear weather for the Funkadelic motherships to land.

So here is the Weather 4cast from the unofficial official weather page of all of culture city the Local 4caster from WDIV-TV

mostly sunny. Highs 83 to 87. Light and variable winds, becoming southeast 5 to 10 mph.

And now tonight music line up for the final day of cityfest.


By Stage

MotorCity Casino Hotel Stage presented by The Detroit News

3 p.m.: Dirty Dozen Brass Band
5:30 p.m.: George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic

Jazz & Blues Stage

Noon: V Miles Out
2 p.m.: Barbara Ware and the Cliff Monear Trio
4 p.m.: The Oblivion Project
6 p.m.: Planet D Nonet with Alberta Adams

Pure Detroit Stage

3 p.m.: Cetan Clawson
4 p.m.: Thunderbirds Are Now!
5 p.m.: The Strays
6:30 p.m.: SSM

New Center Park Stage

4 p.m.: Woodman
5 p.m.: Bixy Lutz
6 p.m.: American Mars
7 p.m.: Apartment 4

By Time


MCC = MotorCity Casino Hotel Stage presented by The Detroit News
J&B = Jazz & Blues Stage
PDS = Pure Detroit Stage
NCP = New Center Park Stage

J&B - Noon - V Miles Out
J&B - 2:00 PM - Barbara Ware and The Cliff Monear Trio
MCC - 3:00 PM - Dirty Dozen Brass Band
PDS - 3:00 PM - Cetan Clawson
NCP - 4:00 PM - Woodman
J&B - 4:00 PM - The Oblivion Project
PDS - 4:00 PM - Thunderbirds are Now!
NCP - 5:00 PM - Bixy Lutz
PDS - 5:00 PM - The Strays
J&B - 5:15 PM - The Oblivion Project
MCC - 5:30 PM - George Clinton & Parliament/Funkadelic
J&B - 6:00 PM - Planet D Nonet with special guest Alberta Adams
NCP - 6:00 PM - American Mars
PDS - 6:30 PM - SSM
NCP - 7:00 PM - Apartment 4

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