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Live and Local Review - 2008 Comerica Cityfest

JULY 6TH, 2008


Now don't take offence with the title of the post because Detroit got really Funk-a- Filed on the five and Final day of the Comerica Cityfest, never in my seven years of going to this event as a regular Joe fan or a regular Joe doing a indie blog site i have never ever seen the parking lot been this pack for a free gig in a long time, wired al was close but the closer on the final of the Mid-year gig put all the other acts i have seen over the years put all other to shame.

When i got the main stage at about 5:30 PM the entry point to the main stage near W. grand and third st. was fill up and it was tough to see the main stage from all the way in the back and it was crowed all the was thought on the parking lot, in the V.I.P. tent, all eight floors of the new center parking lot, on East portion of W.Grand, on West Grand Blvd. on the food court, Across the street from the other side on West Grand Blvd., on the Detroit city clerk Parking lot on the other side of the street, and Even on near by third st.

What ever power of the funk father brought in the massive in a crowd of what am i thinking between 2,000 to 4,000 in that one spot alone just to be close to, near to, or just to listen to the on of the Founding father of funk, the best view i got to see was the four floor in a nine story parking lot even that was three deep in fact almost every floor have fans watching and listen to the gig in almost mid 80's weather and withe the body heat it was in the upper 90's

After almost a full hour i gave up and when to the park stage, but before i when over to the park stage i got give my take of show before i left it was a great show over all as the stage plug in to WE-FUNK his band Parliament/Funkadelic warm up to the crowd for a good ten mintens and the Funkfather good up on stage and play a lot of the old school funk classic for two solid hours they play true the heat of the detroit crowd, now i talk to a few friends after the gig and really like the show some have good view so all around the George Clinton & Parliament/Funkadelic was a total smashing success in almost Evey way.

after i gave up after a hour i then when to the main stage to see "American Mars" who play a great set and was a good Plan B for those who couldn't the Funk Father also a good plan B was S.S.M. i only saw them for about 15 minutes and they was good, then even ask George Clinton to play with them, i don't if he hear them.

Also i got to see the local Family folk rock band "The Woodman" who have a great vibe and great tunes and was very good warm up for the act ahead and not after that i also saw the best crew in all of Detroit rock and roll Cetan Clawson, i only saw the last three song and sound great and meet up with 2/3 of his nice crew [Cetan crew is his two band mates and his girlfriend.]

After almost five days of going back and forth Covering gig and typing them and after a visit to the near by norther light lounge it was over and done as i warp up coverage of cityfest for avderher year as i come down after five days and get back to following live and local coverage of Indie music in and out of Detroit.


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