Friday, July 25, 2008

The Live And Local review

Film School
with Prussia and Velveteen Rabbit
Magic Stick
July 24, 2008

Early September of 2007
the culture city news HQ [my house]
me prepping for "NEW MUSIC TUESDAY"

i was checking all the wonderful music that was coming out on that Tuesday on that September day until i check in on the my space page for the San Francisco-based indie rock band "Film School" i check it and i fell in love with there sound witch remind me of the all fave shoe gazing band "My Bloody Valentine"

and i saw they had a Detroit show on the horizon, But it was in Pontiac at the Pike Room at the Crofoot rats and it is a little bit far too far, so i did not go.

rewind almost ten months later and the show i was going to see back on October 30 play close to the the HQ of this blog sight and was no way in was going to spik this show despite
late breaking news on the TV

the show which start a little bit around 11 PM was a very cool sonic sounding gig with the wonderful film back drop that goes great which there crunching guitars and hunting vocals between lead singer Greg Bertens and Bass player Lorelei Plotczyk[who is a very cool person.] as they played alot of song from there latest album "Hideout" they came soo good live.

They do remind me a little bit of "My Bloody Valentine" with there sound and some body told me that the sound remind them off "Sonic Youth" with there noise distortion with i see that.

Now they got not one but two good local opener, velveteen rabbit played first [altohght i miss about a 1/3 of it because i came in late] they sound real good with great vocals from there lead singer and i like how they mix the Violin in the music and it really sound good near the end.

Also playing there was the was the band i mention a few weeks ago when they sing to the Common Cloud Records label for there released of there new Album "Dear Emily, Best Wishes, Molly" and it was the band Prussia and this wonderful three member band was warm up for there released as they play a good set songs including the lead off single of there new album "Supreme Beging"

So Overall it was a good night of indie music in the culture city and if "My Bloody Valentine" don't do a Detroit reunion show in the near distance further, then last night headliners "Film School" Will be OK


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