Friday, July 25, 2008

CD Released gig Maddness in Detroit

Never in the like of music gig in the Detroit metro area
there have nerve been so many CD release gigs in one weekend
in one city all in the same time

i know have one big show to released you brand new album so all you local fans can get the album but this is too much.

There is a grand total of five CD released show
this weekend in the motor city

So to break it down
this is:

1 - tonight
4 - Saturday Night
2 - Downtown Detroit
1 - Midtown
1 - inter burds [Hamtramck]
1 - Pontiac
9 - Opening Band
8 - are from Detroit
1 - from outside the 313
all of them are head lineing expect for one
and i know almost all of them will be filled

i know never even in the heights of the early 2000's Detroit rock explosion there have been five CD released show happened at the same weekend and four going on at the same time on the same day.

so with almost ever show happening out there i should put a list of which show is playing where, who headlining and who is playing to opening up the night.

Band: The Displays
CD: Aint Gonna Put Us Down
Opener: Smashed Windows and Woodman
Venue: Garden Bowl
Location: Midtown
Cover: Free

This is the only Friday Night show on the CD release gig tour and the only Free show among the five gig, after a released a handful of EP, the teenage band fronted by Andrew Heckler released the Jim Diamond produce CD of old school Garage rock which clock in at almost 25 minutes, also they have a new line up with The Crooks drummer Josh Cohen and Ben Van Camp.

Also playing at this gig will be "The Smashed Windows" and the Family band "The Woodman"

Band: The Hard Lessons
CD: B and G Sides, Volume four
Venue:Crofoot Ballroom
Location:Downtown Pontiac
Cover: $14

And this is about the most talk about show of the entire town they are feather in this week Metro Time Cover, the Band who have been every body fave since hitting the stage five years ago, as Gin, Ko Ko Louis and the soon to be departed The Anvil released the fourth and final chapher of the B & G Sides as the released all four in one box set.

As always they put on a great show and opening up will be Alt country fave AMERICAN MARS, up and comers THE FOUR HOUR FRIENDS, and student from THE PAUL GREEN SCHOOL OF ROCK.

Band: Malbec
Opener: Love Meets Lust
CD: "Bitter Company"
Venue: The Shelter
Location: Downtown Detroit
Cover: $8

The only bands out of the five where the local band is not the headliner, the Frendale base electro-pop band they have been compair to Cure and Depeche Mode have play the Hamtramck blowout back in March and just got back fro a west coast tour they are opening up for the LA Band Malbec and you might want to get there early because this show will fill up.

Band: The Hentcmen
CD: 4 track Vinyl EP
Opener:The Insect from Athens
Venue:Park Bar 2040 Park Ave
Location:Downtown Detroit
Cover: $ 5

And Just up the road on Park Ave is a record released gig put on by the Bellyache Records Record Release Party as they released there a four track Vinyl EP and not only that John & Mike Hentch birthday so get the EP and say happy birthday to both Hentch.

Band: Javelins
CD: "Heavy Meadows"
Opener: Nouns, Lightning Love
Venue: The Belmont
Location: Hamtramck
Cover: $ 5

And last but not least if you can't go a long way to pointaic or don't feel like going downtown Detroit there always the Belmont in Hamtramck as a little bit of love from Suburban Sprawl Music Label where "Javelins" will released "Heavy Meadows" with a gig at the Belmont, and opening up for them will be Nouns and the fast rising band from Lansing, the very pretty and very quirky "Lightning Love"

And there you have it five gig almost 14 bands and about five new CD released from the Culture City, Now since i can't be at almost every gig this weekend, I want to know how was the gig this weekend

Fire off a E-mail at


and put which gig did you go to in the subject line
i put what happened or i can look at the blog with there premisstion
post all the Saturday night action.

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