Tuesday, July 22, 2008

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The Anvil is Leaving the Hard Lesions by end of the year

The Hard Lessions
From L to R: The Anvil, Ko Ko Louise, Gin

Late breaking news as i write this, the brand New Metrotimes is already out on the street and will appear any minutes now online at metrotimes.com

but, in a posting on the Metrotimes Music Blag Blog

it look like the drummer for the Hard Lesions Christophe Zajac-Denek (aka The Anvil) is planning to relocate to the West Coast by the end of this year, there fore leaving the hard lesions by the end of the year

So The Anvil will be behind the drum kit from now until the end of the year so they will play this Saturday Night at the Crofoot in Pontiac this Saturday to celebrate the released of B&G Sides on CD

Lead singer Augie Viccochi, told the metrotimes “"[Christophe] will be playing with us for the next several months, so nothing is immediate by any means. But it definitely will be a transitional time for us. Everything is totally amicable, of course, and we've all had a great time playing together. But Christophe's moving onto a new chapter in his life, although everything's still somewhat uncertain at the moment."

SO the big question for the further will the "Hard Lesions" be a three members or will it be just Ko and Augie as a two pieced as they will go into the studio after Ko and Augie get married in August for a new album which they have start writhing and it will be produce by Electric Six's Zach Shipps

It will all be in the metrotimes with the "Hard Lessons on the cover
in print an on-line.


Music Blag post on the further of the hard Lessons

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