Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Breaking Culture News

CBC Radio 3 in canada is reporting the lead singer the toronto dance-rock band controller.controller Nirmala Basnayake have left the band,

this was conferm by her in a interview with CBC Radio 3 host Grant Lawrence which will put a link on the Bottom of this post.

Rumors of her leaving the Band have been Folting around for Weeks

the Band last show was on September 21th in London, ON

The band have been around Since 2002 and have released two album on paper Bag record "History" and "X-Amounts" (Which was released early this year) and been on tour tours with the Cult, Death From Above 1979, and the Organ (Which i went to there detroit show at the Lager House in 2004, and saw them aging in Janurday or this year at the Stick.)

As For The Futher for the band the remain member of the band dont know if they will countiuned on with a new singer, or join the like of Death From Above 1979, The Deadly Snakes, Rheostatics on the BNLAL or Bands no Longer Actice List.

She Leaving the band Interview From October 3rd (CBC Radio 3)
Interview From From September 18(CBC Radio 3) Just two weeks ago

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