Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Dancing with the Stars
The Week 4 Reselut

Leaving the Dance Floor tonight after very good dances, There was a shocker tonight in the Dance Floor, the bottom two were of all preson Monique Coleman and Vivica A. Fox fo all people both of them who have been doing so well in the last three weeks but it was a surrprize that all her fan from that dinsey movie did not keep her out of the Bottom Two, and Vivica A. Fox who ha a very so-so paso Doble but after hearing the other half (which is the viewers vote the preson who is leaving the dance Floor tonight is

Vivica A. Fox

yes she was good for the First three weeks but got chaught in the paso Dobla and now she is going home, but hey we have her in Kill Bill Vol. 1 hey she give some kearty lession to Fellow Contestant Shanna Moakler so she could kick Paris Hilton Butt

With the lovely miss fox gone there only Seven Contest left:

Monique Coleman
Sara Evans
Willa Ford
Joey Lawrence
Mario Lopez
Emmitt Smith
Jerry Springer

Who will go home next Week find out Next Tuesday at 8 PM
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