Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Dancein With The Stars
Show # 4 Review

Tonight Dances
paso doble or waltz

And you have to pardom me Three Thing going on at once
Dancing with the Stars
The Tigers - Yanks ALDS Game 1
And The Regina Spector NPR.ORG Concert which began a half a hour early at 7:30

Monique Coleman (waltz)
Her dance tonight was very good tonight, Smooth and lovley and flowing

Emmitt Smith (paso doble)
Well that little trip to the Bull made have did the Trick as Emmith a very commanding Paso Doble

Willa Ford (Waltz)
it Was Kind of Distace From the Tigers game, but the Judge love it

Sara Evans (paso doble)
Her Dance tonight was OK tonight but the Jugeds did not like it

Jerry Springer (Waltz)
Well he said he would go far to learn the waltz for her darther wedding and he was very good that ahve the crowd standing JERRY, JERRY, JERRY, JERRY, JERRY.

Vivica A. Fox (paso doble)
Well the dance was so-so tonight, but the Paso Doble to Bon Jovi

Joey Lawrence (Waltz)
After last week rules breaking this week they stay to the scripet with with a very beatuaful Watlz that won the crowd and me over.

Mario Lopez (Paso Doble)
Well her Follow the rules this time around, But her was very good but need work.

Mario Lopez (Paso Doble) - 29
Willa Ford (Waltz) - 28
Joey Lawrence (Waltz) - 27
Emmitt Smith (paso doble) - 24
Vivica A. Fox (paso doble) - 24
Jerry Springer (Waltz) - 22
Sara Evans (paso doble) - 20

Did Not get the Score of Monique Coleman (waltz) or Joey Lawrence (Waltz) because i was distraced.

So that was tonight action on a buzy night but who dream on begin lord of the TV will come to a end , Find out torrow night at 8 PM on ABC-TV (WXYZ-7 in my home base in detroit, Outside Detroit Check you ABC Station).

and unlike the last two weeks i post left the dance Floor 15 mintues after the show.

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