Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Update post with Dancing with Stars update and preview

Well it a big night in Detroit Culture City tonight as gane one of American League Division Series between the Detroit Tigers (Who i hoped they sheak off the Slump at the End of the season that cost the Bengals the AL Central) vs thouse dame yankeys which bgin just before 8:20 PM.

And it on the same time as Dancing with the stars which is on untill 9:30 PM as the Dance card get shorter the show get shorter as well 1st two show was 2 hours last week and this week show is is 90 mintues, which lead to this


Well last week the nine remaning dancer did the Jive and the tango, but the Judes we not likeing Joey Lawrence and Mario Lopez a TV Ball room show into Dance Fever but it was Harry Hamlin sifft Tango sent him home last (so that mean His Wife Lisa Renna[who was on last year] is the better dancer) Monique Coleman and Vivica A. Fox who both did the Jive show keep up there Front runner danced with country singer Sara Evans close behind, but will Emmitt bounce back from a bad dance (low scored last week) will tought talk have told Joe Lawrence and Mario Lopez it Danceing with the Stars not Circurs of the Stars (the Holiday Special that ran from 1978 to 1994 on CBS) and hey Springer in it, JERRY, JERRY, JERRY, JERRY.

Tonight danced and there background

Paso Doble

The Paso Doble on the competition floor should create a Spanish Bull Fighting atmosphere. The Paso Doble is the dance for the Man, which allows him to fill the "Space" with strong three-dimensional shapes and movements danced with "Pride and Dignity."

The woman's role varies depending on the intepretation of the dance. The woman can take the role of the matador's cape, the bull or even the matador at different times within the dance.

Characteristics of the Paso Doble are the "Marching" flavor given to the steps and the cape movements creating the required tension between both dancers.
It is one of the only dances that is danced only in the ballroom world.
It is one of the most dramatic of the dances.

Moves to Watch in the Bullfight of the dance:

Look out for chassez cape - the man using the woman as the cape to bring her around.
Apel - this is when the man stamps his foot - this should be very strong. The man would stamp his foot as if he was trying to attract the bull's attention (the bull often gets distracted by the crowd in a bull fight).

There are strong Flamenco influences in the dance where the use of castanets is simulated.

The arpel is a commencement of a movement with the stamping of the feet where the man and woman walk in separate directions.

And The Waltz

Considered the mother of present day dances, the Waltz began in southern Germany in the 17th century. The popularity of the Waltz dance grew with the music of Johann Strauss and eventually blossomed in the 20th century. It is the basis for many dances and is popular today all over the world.

The basic components of Waltz are walking steps and side steps. "Rise and Fall" and "Body Sway" are some of the styling characteristics which make the simplest Waltz steps and patterns elegant and beautiful.

A sentimental and romantic dance, it is characterized by soft and round movements and its swing and flow. ***

The Moves to look for in the Waltz:

An action that must be visible at any competition level is the Waltz Pendulum action, an action comparable with the movement of a bell clapper. The Waltz must contain the right level of up-and-down swing in balance with the required spatial movement.

As in all dances, dancing from the supporting foot is essential. The "moment when" to start rising from your supporting foot is crucial in the Waltz.

There should be lots of rotation.(that meaning you turn me right around baby right round like a record baby right, right round round)

*** American Smooth Style:

On Dancing with the Stars the couples will be dancing an "American Smooth"-style Waltz. The American Smooth style means couples can break the traditional ballroom "hold" throughout the performance allowing more open movements, including under-arm turns. Think Fred and Ginger.

The Show aired tonight at 8-9:30 PM on ABC-TV (WXYZ-TV(Ch.7), Home base in Detroit, Outside Detroit Check you local ABC Channel) and the person who finsh in last place will go home Tommorrw night at 8 PM.

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