Saturday, October 07, 2006

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Radio Fever. Done.... For Now

Tonight at the New Dodge Lounge at the SSM Show.
I saw Dave Buick, The Co-Host Of Radio Fever as he told me the bad news that WKRK-FM (97.1) have cancelled the the three Hour Saturday night local rocks show after almost three years on the air.

Dave told me that the show was begin cancelled because was he told me that the station ran out of Monday to play the two host for a Saturday night rock show witch next to weeknights no body listen to the radio on the weekend.

The big boom came down in a conference call to the two hosted (Greg Sizeman and Dave Buick) on Friday, And they was told that last Saturday show was there last show ever, so there will be no farewell show on Saturday night.

this change in Saturday Night Programing is Begin made at the station as there under going a change of management at the station as Rich Homberg step down as general manager of WKRK-FM and WXYT-AM(1270) to focus full time on running WWJ-AM (950), both station have been is near the bottom of the top 20 radio station even with the boost from tigers baseball XYT rank 18th in the Arbitrend Summer 2006 book (that cover June, July and August of all listener 12 and up) with a 2.0.

WKRK-FM which have been slugging since Howard Stern left FM for sattle radio is at the bottom of the top 20 with 1.8.

Radio Fever first hit the airwaves on live 97.1 in 2004 with hosted Greg Sizedman and Former Metro times music writer Christ Handyside, The show did played a lot of local music and there was a lot of fun talk in between song and almost ever song was local Detroit music.

The show have a lot of guest from Ben Blackwell, to Wendy Case, to Dan and Tresa Mae Miller from Balance, and a note from this editor, I the writer of this blog site also called in the middle of the show (Pre-blog) to give you with was down in local music.

Handyside Left the Show in the Summer of 2005 to fouced on a family and was replace by member of the go, and record stored owner at the time (Young Sole Rebels), and Husband of Fonda's lead Singers Julie Benjamin.

So what is going will be the show to replace Radio Fever in Detroit well for local music there is Riff 2 Detroit Local 101 they played a lot of local music and it co-host by a local musican, the show is aried on WRIF-FM HD-2 on DIgial radio or you can listen to the show on there Web sight at, or there a listen party at small bar in Hamtramck ever tuesday from 10 PM to Midnight.

But there some jaming alturnativa, Like Cowboys and Indie which played the best UK and indie music wihich aired every saturday at 9:30 to midnight on CJAM-FM (91.5) or at

or there is the Five hours mega show called CBC Radio 3 which highlite the best in cananid music every saturday from 7 PM to midnight at CBC RADIO Two (89.9) or and Click on Listen live on Radio Two.

But this maty not be the end for Radio Fever Dave Bucik told me that there thinking of going to other station to aired the show in the Near Furture, Hopfully soon.

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