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Weekend Update
This week in Indie Culture

it been andore one of thouse week in Detroit Culture City, Whit the tigers so close to vitor over thoused dammed Yannkey (as of this typing), and one collage Football coach almost about to lose it(MSU), it about time we look at the story that shape the indie world outside Comerica Park.

Stuff from inside the 313

* Last night i was told by Dave buick (Husband to Founda's Julie Benjaind, and one time owner of the Young Sold rebles) That WKRK-FM (97.1) have ended Radio Fever that have been on the aired since 2004, what i was told it was a buget desiction by the sation also couple by Change of mangment at the station also there will be no last show ever for the show, meaning last saturday show (9/30) was the last show ever, but what i been told that he and co-host Greg Siedman will be shop the show eleswhere.

* also in Cluture City, is two bands that will get ready for warm Up EP before there new Full album come out, the Atl-Country rocker "Blanche" Will released the new EP "What This Town Needs" in Indie Store on October 24th, it will features five songs plus a live video of "So Long Cruel World" From the first album "If we cant trush the Doctor" recorded New Year's Eve 2003.

* Also with a new EP Coming out soon from the Von Bondies They will released a EP in Janurda just as a wram up for there brand new Album which is entitle "Love, Hate, and then there's you", it will be out in March, and there will tour the Country and in the UK.

* Now i have not been doing a lot of blogging as of late (took almost all of September off) but there is one local music news of note Ann Delisi Former WDET and CIDR(93.7) D.J., now you can add Former WRCJ-FM DJ as well, she left the station on September 29th telling the Detroit Free Press "My full-time radio days are probably over," but she is doing commercial voice-over work for Kingsberry Productions run by Former WDIV news Person Emery King and she will do therapeutic horse-riding program for physically challenged and autistic children.

* and Since were 78 Days untill X-mas and the holiday shopping se4ason begin the day after the US Thanksgiving witch is November 30th, Which mean it time to hyped up America Thankgiving Day Prade, and it was annouced this week the parade will march to a new route insted of starting at Woodward and warren and ending at Grand Circus Park, it will now start at Woodward and mack and end at Woodward near Jefferson which will wraped around Campus Martius, The route is modle after the original one in 1924 and will show case a far diffence Downtown with the new bliding like fox town, Merchants Row and the for mention Campus Martius, and the parade will begin much early at 9:20 AM for TV at downtown.

Outside the 313:

* a few week ago internet station when off the air for good, citing a lack of revenue now arcording to a bunch of souced (CMJ, The Cincinnati Enquirer)may be back on the air by month end, accring to the massage board at the web sight Bill Nguyen, founder of Wireless firm Seven and a brand-new music sharing service, is financer the internet only station $5 million to $10 million in over the next year, other detail will inclued maintaning there HQ in Cincinnati,OH (Oxford, too be extact), Open studios in San Francisco and other cities to broadcast live performances from bands, Bring back its free online broadcast and improve its quality(From Febuary to Mid September was a subscriber base station), Allow listeners to purchase music directly from independent artists they hear on through fledgling online cd-trading service. The user-friendly service allows members to list CDs they have and CDs they want. Each CD sent to you off your "want list" costs you $1.75) and Allow listeners(Like me) to create their own radio shows that they can share with other listeners.

So there made be more to come, so stay tune.

* Other Non radio-news

The tredmill walk in dance-rock band and you tube star OK Go have kick off there America tour today in Ann Arbor before the the michigan/Michigan State game, the band will tour with French Kicks and Death Cab for Cutie (
link for Dates)but the band have mo plans to come back to SE michigan but the closed Dates to Detroit are:

11-09 Chicago, IL - Logan Square Auditorium #
11-10 Chicago, IL - Logan Square Auditorium #
11-13 Toronto, Ontario - Mod Club #
all of them with the French Kicks

* Sufjan Steven "Asthmatic Kitty" Arties My Brightest Diamond will go on tour in support of her debut album Bring Me the Workhorse,out now and out on vilny this tuesday.

She will played the University of Michigan on November 10(A day before the Broken Socail Sence hit town at the Michigan Theaher)

* On November 14, Hip-O Records/Universal Music Enterprises will release
Rhythms del Mundo, a collaborative record that have band doing cover of the Buena Vista Social Club , and it will feather Radiohead, Franz Ferdinand, the Arctic Monkeys, U2, Coldplay, the Kaiser Chiefs, Faithless, and, um, Jack Johnson. And Maroon 5. And Sting

* MeanWhile
Lisa Germano have just kick off her American tour that will include a Detroit Tour Stop at the Stormy Records Space in Dearborn, MI on October 23.

* and for fans who check up on the Band
Xiu Xiu, you be happy to know they will be in town on October 21th at the Magic Stick.

* Beck have release his brand new album "The Information" the album will chart here, but not in the UK, why The Company who run the Chart is too overdose with overhyped pop Stuff, The Company Britain's Official Chart Company said it broke the rule on the Extra on the CD which inclund makeing your own CD and a DVD of video of every song because it an unfair advantage over other albums and it have tick beck off "It's an unconventional package, but it shouldn't be penalized for that," he told Billboard. "Any art on a CD is an incentive to buy and listen. Ultimately, it doesn't matter. The response from the fans has been so strong, and that is the most important thing."

* Bulr Front man Damon Albarn side project will be out In Janurauy 2007 , it will be called The Good, the Bad, and the Queen, it will feather Albarn, Paul Simonon (the Clash), Tony Allen (Fela Kuti/Africa 70), and Simon Tong (the Verve), Produced by Danger Mouse, the release of the album will be preceded by first single "Herculean"

* (From Dinosaur Jr., who reunited last year, are eyeing a release date this spring for their as-yet-untitled album. Working titles for tracks on the forthcoming release include "By the Fire," "This Is All I Came to Do," "Back to Your Heart," and "Stop," a spokesperson for the band confirmed to The band also plan to release a live DVD helmed by J. Mascis' brother-in-law, Phillip Virus, on May 8, 2007. The DVD will feature live performances from the first half of their reunion tour, including gigs in New York and Boston.

now new gig in the Gig Gudie

Sunday, Decberber 10th
The Lemonheads - The Stick

also it you miss any of the web cast from the last week, here is a list of all the shows

if you miss See Vous Play on the live webcast or on sattlite last sunday
you can here or see all the bands From last week gig from Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton, The Joel Plaskett Emergency, Les Trois Accords, and my New favor band Les Breastfeeders you can go to CBC Radio3 web sight at or click on the links below

See Vous Play (Audio)
See Vous Play (Video)
and Mix review from Blogger
and a full review from Radio 3 Hosted Grant Lawrence

Most people incluing myself Chatch the Second Half of Regina Spektor gig because it started at 7:30 not 8:00 PM But you can see the whole show right now at

And i have put up a couple new links to the blog sight

The Fox Station in Detroit WJBK-TV(Fox-2) roll out there new web sight witch is the same a the Fox Owned and Operatied sight in NY, LA, Washington, Chicago, and Dallas, and what was very laking on the very old sight is Video from there news cast which is a plus
the Web Sight is and it filed under the live and local section.

Also i add a new Indie radio station in the Indie radio section and the good part it is Local, The Henry Ford Community College radio station WHFR-FM at 89.3 aldouge the singal is not that stonrg but thank for the internet you can listen on line a

And if you have a websight of indie important of if you been to a show to give a birfe review or any thing you can E-mail this Blog sight at and on the subject line put news tips or live review.

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