Wednesday, October 18, 2006

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Leaving Dancing with the Stars
This Week Coupled is


Just like i called, or should i say few people called it Nobody left dancing with the stars this week afther last week sudden departher of country star Sara Evans afther she left the show after she filed for divoce from her husband last week.

This week coupled in the bottom two was Joey Lawrence and her parter Edyta Sliwinska and guess who Jerry Springer and her parther the lovely aussie Kym Johnson, but when host Tom Bergeron said that nobody was going home tonight Jerry fell to the floor and was thinking, yes i am safe.

With two Coulpe leaving last week (Willaim Ford voted off last week and Sara Evans leaving the show) every thing will be carry over into next week show (both the viewer vote and the Judges Scored)and will be added in Next week show.

But this is not the frist time it had happend back on 2003 on the second season of america Idol contestant Corey Clark did not told producer of the show he have a police record he had not disclosed earlier and yes this is the same Cory Clark who later said he have a affair with judge Paula Abdul and also alleged that Abdul gave him preferential treatment on the show because of their alleged romance, But subsequent investigation by Fox found no evidence to support Clark's charges

on that week show they did carry over that week votes into next week show that time.

So will do it all over aging Next at 8 PM on ABC(WXYZ-7 (Detroit) or your local ABC Station. and if you want know the Judge scorde this week look below.

Mario Lopez - 28
Emmitt Smith - 25
Joey Lawrence - 24
Monique Coleman - 23
Jerry Springer - 18

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