Saturday, October 21, 2006

Ladies and Geneman we have arrived at Game One

As of this Typing it October 21, and it game one of the world series, it the First World Series Game since that Cold Night on Sunday October 14, 1984 when Goose Gossage came in to get Kirk Gibson out, the Next thing he Saw was a three-run blast in the upper deck over Right field to win the World Series 4-1 with a 8-4 win.

they would not get 8-4, 8-4, 8-4, 8-4 back in 84', but hip words have catch on in about 22 years since were last in the big Show so in this World Series will be a big plus.

but the battle Cry have begon there calling the world Series "Redemption for 68'", Still better for not the winning the series in 1968 after blowing a 3-1 Lead. (Maybe it was the Game Five home plate Crash that turn the series around).

Below this post i will have links to every story from ever tv station in Detroit and St.Louis as game one is near (Pleased Note: Some Report dont have game Hi-lights for the web because MLB own the highlights)

But you want some info on the opened Act of WS06: Tigs and the Cards:

Game One Starer: Justin Verlander for the Detroit baseball team vs. Anthony Reyes for the cards and unlike in 84 where all there game was played at tigers Stamida this time there playing it at Comerica Park on the corner of Witherell and East Montclam in Downtown Detroit

entertanment we got your entertanment befroe the game 1 Bullet bob seager will sing the star spangel Banner, and throwing the ceremonial first pitch Tigers legends Al Kaline and Willie Horton, accompanied by Tigers' owner Mike Ilitch.

and in Game Two, John Melloncamp will play a little show and Antian Baker will sing the National Anthem with Former Tiger' manager Sparky Anderson throwing out the First Pitch

So let see what goning around the web on this World Series

1984 World Series From Wikipedia
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1968 World Series with the same two teams from Wikipeadia

Paper (oh yes there is pleaty of that)
Detroit News (Live Blog)
Detroit Free Press (Live Blog)
and the Free Press Cut out Mask
or the Free Press Olde English "K,"
Oh! i did not forget St. Louis Post - Dispatch

Story off the TV NEWS

WJBK-TV (Fox-2)
Detroit is Getting ready for the World... Aging, with scenes of 1984 and 1968
Justin Verlander is ready for game One
The World is Watching Detroit
Hey Lila (Lazarus) Meet a real tiger
One More dorkey Song for the world Series
Have you got you Tigers Merch
and a more important Member of the team: Bat Boy
and there No Cure for Tiger Fever

Just Click on Video
Bernie's Blog

Tigers Players and Fans Ready for the World Series
Tom Leyden(reproter at Ch.7) Log
Tiger Fever: Troy Co. Readies Spirit of Detroit Jersey
The Sports Department blog at the world Series


KTVI-TV (Fox-2, as well)
Red October: Complete World Series (and lot of videos)

the Cards Section

there Cards Section
and yes the sports Dept Blog

not much, but this will do

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