Wednesday, October 18, 2006

the Indie News Update

And now here all the story that is making Indie New right Now

And in the last few days the internet have Exploed with news of a very ugly incident Last Friday invoing the Two peice band from San Fransisco the Two Gallants at Walter's On Washington in Hostons, Texas.

the band was on stage have just begin there gig when in there Four song in there set a hoston police officer was sent to investigating a noise complaint at the club when Officer G.M. Rodriguez yold the band that the noise was too loud but accoring to the houston police spokesperson who told The Houston Chronicle that singer/guitarist Adam Stephens used a sexual obscenity and shoved the officer after that the Officer shove Stephens to the stage floor and all hell broke loose Two Gallants drummer Tyson Vogel and others try to break it up and things got out of Control real fast the officer used his stun gun three time hitting 14-year-old male and a University Of Houston student doing a field paper on the music scene. Six people was arrest inclding Vogel, /guitarist Andrew Kerwin of Trainwreck Riders and four music fans were arrest and released on Bail later that night.

Since then there was a lot of video offen a diffent verson of what happend on that night which you can see on the Bottom, the band the day after issed this on there myspace site , there web sight ( and there lable Saddle Creek Record.

adam and tyson want to apologize for the show in Houston at Walter’s on Washington being cut short on Friday Oct 13. some of the mainstream sources have been inaccurate so we want to thank all of you who have emailed offering your support and eyewitness accounts of what really happened. you can read some of these and see some images (and/or send in what you saw) on the forum, or this myspace page, and this one too. the band will speak more about this in the next few days as they have been advised not to comment much at this point.

the band have hire a attorney as of today (10/18) and is asking any who was at the show to com forward and there frist court appcer is on Friday will keep you posted.

and if any Hoston news story apped with video will let you know
But here the Video that have been posted on you tube and my space

Also there two bands that have been froce to cancelled gig because of work visa problms aross the border.

One of thouse band was of all people was the Detroit Corba's they were Froce to cancelled there three Dates in Canada (Nov 19 Montreal, Nov 20 in Ottawa, and Nov 21 in Toronto) beacause they were recently denied entrance to Canada. accring to the CBC Radio 3 they did not say why but there records lable "Bloodshot records" said in a press released that Due to some unforeseen issues at the border, the Detroit Cobras have had to regrettably cancel their Western Canadian dates. We are really sorry about that as the response in the press, but my local music mold told me that in Canada that a misamener Crime in the the states is treat as a felony in Canada and that could lead to denal of entry into canada, But they hoped they will have there border issued resolved and they will played canada aging.

and you think that was bad for the corbas entry Canada just think how bad for the vancouver punk, new wave band (and this blog sught fave) You Say Party! We Say Die! were they have to cancell there west coast dates recenley after they was denia entry to the u.s., on there web sight ( said there were denied entry for not having the proper work visa to play here but thing got more worrerd some for the band went they was told that bass player stephen o'shea was banned from entry the U.S. for Five years, yes Five years, there hopeing to try to inron this thing out but you can click here to here stephen o'shea verson of what happend to CBC Radio 3 and if you want to give support to the band you can leave it on there my space site at

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