Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Dancing with the stars Preview
Serire three - Show Six

This week Dancing with the stars will be a inserting one indeed, that will asking how ABC will address the Suddend Departer of contury singer Sara Evans from the show.

to see how we come from last week show (Ed Notes, i came home late deep into the show so i did not see the show last week, so there was no review of what happen or who got kick off the dance Floor Last week)to what going to happend this week here a quick little review.

First on last week show itself, because it was realy realy close between all seven Dancers seprate by only Three points Monique Coleman, Mario Lopez, Emmitt Smith, and Willa Ford all have 27 points, then Joey Lawrence follow with 25 with Sara Evans and Jerry Springer with 24.

But the other half of the vote is by viewer vote and finshing in the bottom two was Ford and Springer and guess who got the bad news, the bad girl of pop William Ford got the boot form the dance floor, so there was six left right Wrong.

almost 24 hours later it was learn that Sara Evans was quiting the show because of personal reasons, it was later learn that she was fileing for divorce from her husband of thirteen years Craig Schelske, that departher have sent shockwave thoghtout the show, it was the first time that a celebrity has voluntarily quit the series once the competition began.

Now the big question on tonight show is: how will they address her derpather form the show?

ABC TV (the Network that aired the show) have been shaming hyeping her departher as "rumors" with everbody asking to tune in which is not the way to go for some thing almost everbody know already.

A coulpe of thing i know form off the net, Evans taped a 7 min. interview that will aired at the beging of the show, that interview was taped on saturday and accroing to her divicore lawers explaining her reasons for withdrawing from the show but will not go into details about the divorce.

Second will anyone be kick off the show this week, that a big question mark, it was reported that producers as William Ford to come back on the show but she told the them she done telling CNN on monday "America voted, America spoke, and I'm done"

or will the producer ask andoder copled that got kick off to come back to the show or tahe a page off of american idol back in season 2 in 2003 after cory Clark got kick off the show, in that week they carry over the veiwer vote from the next week show.

Away from the sara Evans departher, tonight dance will inclued a Group Disco so that mean will see Springer do the Disco Bugged.

Dancing with the stars will begin at 8 PM and since there Six Dancer left it will run a hour tonight.

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