Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Sara Explane why she Left the Dance Floor on
Dancing with the Stars

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Tonight (10/17) Country Singer Sara Evans talk about why she left the highly rated show after lest week reslut show.

they menton about Evans sudden departher after last week show Brifly at the top of the show in the opening montage, the interview (which was taped on Saturday and aired tonight)she opend up on why she left the show and some detail on the divoce.

evans admitted that there were problems in their marriage when she signed on to do the twice-weekly reality show. But, she thought she could mend the relationship and do the show at the same time.

"I'm completely against divorce. My intention was to continue to try everything within my power.", but thing went from bad to wrose last tuesday as she got a report last Tuesday about pornographic photos found on her husband's computer, she learn about it just hours before last week show but she put together to get thur that week show.

"The good thing is that I'm so used to performing," said Evans "and as you know, as entertainers we have that ability to just sort of flip the switch. Turn it on, do the dance and, you know, make it through the day. That's what I was hoping was going to happen throughout the entire life of the show."

but working on the show and going thur a divorce was to much for the Country Singer so after last week reslut show Evans acknowledged that "something happened" at her home.

"It was something personal and traumatic and hard for my children," she said. "Things went drastically downhill, 100 miles an hour."

She said that she realized at that moment that she needed to be at home with her children, and not on the dance floor.

"I needed to be right there," she said, "to look at my son at all times to see the expression on his face and, you know, see if he's crying. I put him on the phone with our pastor immediately. I knew that nothing in my career, no television show, nothing was more important than that."

Evans closed by thanking her fans for being supportive.

"I have felt so much love and support from the fans, even before all this happened," she said. "It's so humbling and I'll never forget it. I will never forget every second of this experience. I just want to, you know, thank everybody from the bottom of my heart and I will come back for the finale if I'm invited."

it did have a effect on the other remaining dancers which was ehco by Mario Lopez, "Sara was cool and I miss her a lot," . "We dedicate this night to Sara and wish her nothing but the best."

she also announced near the end of the show that her dance parters on the show Tony Dovoloni (Who apperd near at the end of the interview) tapped him to choreograph her tour next year.

Now the big question will some body be kick out tommorrow night or will nobody be kick out and everthing be carry over for next week show (just like what happend in the 2003 season of america Idol when Ex-contestant Cory Clark was kick off the show)

will have to find out torrommow night at 8 PM EDT on ABC (home base - Detroit - WXYZ (ABC-7) or your local ABC Staions).

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