Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Dancing With the Stars
Week Six Recap

(For the Sara Evans pre-tape Interview segment on why she left Dancing with the stars pleased Scorll up)

Mario Lopez (mamba)
Wow! Mario was a the italy Judge called him Super Mario he have some great Move with his partner (Karina Smirnoff) maybe a little practice From of all people Eva Langora

Monique Coleman - (samba)
that dance was very great maybe the Cruming Works but it got slow in the end

Joey Lawrence - (rumba)
well he dance was very good tonight but i would take away point for singing the First few Bar of a song have he learn his lesston.

Emmitt Smith - (Jive)
well that was a very good Jive if i saw one myself, It was very good

Jerry Springer - (paso Doble)
it was OK but make Tucker Carlson dance in Week one to shame, but hey his parter was good.

Mario Lopez (mamba) - 28
Emmitt Smith - (Jive) - 25
Joey Lawrence - (rumba) - 24
Monique Coleman - (samba) - 23
Jerry Springer - (paso Doble) - 18

and that it for ther dancing tonight but after that was for just the at home viewers
The Group Disco Dance

Wow it was Disco night at Studio 54 on Saturday Night but it was on a tuesday Night
with Joey and Emmitt was very good and Jerry still thinling it was 1970s all over aging.

if you want to who got kick off or if any one got kick off because of Sara Evans departure, Just Find out tommorrow Night at 8 PM on ABC-TV (WXYZ-TV at my home base in Detroit or your Local ABC Station)

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