Saturday, October 21, 2006

it came from the late night music club from culture city with Ash and The Von Bondies as a rally Cry For the Tigers.

Well this is a buzy week in Detroit not only the tigers are in the world series, but were inside a week untill the premier of the movie that will take you beyond the Gargda Rock scene and it called "It Came From Detroit" show Next Friday at Detroit Film Theater at the Detroit Institute of Arts begin at 8 PM with pre gig entertainment from The Dirtbombs at the Rivera Court and after that post show gig from the Witches and Outrageous Cherry.

Ticket are going Fast there Just 10 bucks

you can get tickets at the DIA on Woodward during 9AM and 5 PM Tuesday to Sunday

You can save ticket up until 10 minutes from show time at (313) 833-3237

Or you can get tickets just by
clicking the link Here

i Continued My two video from now untill the opening, But with a tigers Theme the will go pretty far in to the world Series, Ash and The Von Bondies, Hey with the Tigers in the Series we can lose so Detroit Indie Culture Fans "C'mon, C'mon" and see the Tigers "Burn, Baby, Burn" all over the Cards.

GO TIGERS from the editor of the it came from culture city blog sight

Burn, Baby, Burn

From Wikipedia

Ash nearly become bankrupt as they prepare to release possibly their last album. Luckily, this was not to be the case. The band retreat to Wheeler's parent's house, to play and write songs in the same garage where the band began.

The single "Shining Light" was released in January 2001, followed by the number one album Free All Angels in April. Subsequent singles released from Free All Angels were "Burn Baby Burn", "Sometimes", "Candy", and "There's a Star" . The single 'Shining Light' wins the 'Best Contemporary Song' award at the 2002 Ivor Novello awards. A new single "Envy" was released, followed shortly afterwards by the singles collection Intergalactic Sonic 7″s. Q magazine names Ash as #2 of its "50 Bands To See Before You Die".

Von Bondies
C'mon, C'mon

From Wikipedia

"C'mon C'mon" is the theme song for the American comedy-drama television show, Rescue Me, and featured on the EA videogame "Burnout 3: Takedown".(Ed Note did i tell you it was also in EA Sports MVP Baseball 2004)


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