Monday, October 23, 2006

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we have a visiting band gear stolent

yes if you think having a band gear stolen in the East Coast and in the West Coast was bad
getting your gear stoling in detroit is bad engouht

i got a E-mail from riff 2 Detroit Local 101 co-hosted Melody Licious that the New York City Electro / Rock / Pop band Men Women & Children who on the latest MTV2 $2 Dollars bill with 30 SECONDS TO MARS. HEAD AUTOMATICA had it gear stolen at the Days Inns in Down town Detroit. Ouch

here there band mangers who name is Anna No last names givens, it was posted by melody and sinced it live and local here the post and yes you have my premisstion to re-posted it

Hello to anyone that lives in or around Detroit:

We just had our van and trailer, and nearly all of our gear, stolen outside of the Day's Inn we were staying in in Detroit. This theft occured at around 12:30 pm today (Monday, Oct 23). Pretty much our whole entire lives were in there. If you have any information at all, please contact either the police or our manager Anna at if you know anything about the following:

- a WHITE 2005 WHITE FORD ECONOLINE van, with plate number #5HY2994
- a RED 2006 Danzer Trailer D712TA35
- a Red rickenbacker bass
- a 70s off-white fender jazz bass
- a Moog Voyager
- a Sunburst Fender Telecaster
- a Gibson Sunburst Les Paul
- a Roland 300 keyboard amp
- a Bogner Shiva combo amp
- a Orange ad 30 amp
- an Ampeg svt vr
- an Ampeg svt 8x10 av
- a sequential circuits 6 trak
- a Ludwig drum kit from the 70s, with a sparkley silver finish (4-piece kit). Includes Zildjian- hi hat, 2 crash cymbals, ride, older looking cymbals.
- Ultimate ears in ears marked "David Sullivan-Kaplan"
- Rack with in ears wireless pack

ALL OF OUR ROAD CASES ARE MAROON and marked with MWC on the outside

There is more// lights//merch// suitcases ect, but we just need to get the word out.

Thanks in advance...we're incredibly bummed but will try to continue the MTV $2 Bill Tour we're on.

And for thoused of you that have any Info on the where a bout of the the Van or the Trailer or there lost gear please Called the Detroit Police or there tour manager Anna at

if you help out this band i will thank you for it.

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salberta said...


had the same thing happen in Mass. Did a gig at the Asa Berse. Got paid for the night awesome gig, partied returned to an empty parkin space and a few tumble weeds...........