Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Culture City Interview

James R. Petix
Director/" it Came from Detroit"

Well on Friday all of Detroit will see the major Documentary that was shot here at gig all over Detroit that took almost six years to make, and it all about the a little scene that was born out of Garded all over detroit in the hoped the one day that will make it big, and in the First Half of this Decade almost ever bands From the white stripes, The Go, The Gories, Rocket 455, The Sights, the Von Bondies and other would play at Zoots, the Gold Dollar, the Stick, the Magic Bag and St.Andrews and all the shows was shot by Local Documentary Film Maker James R. Petix during the Six years period from the rise the underground Gardar Rock Scene to it sudden fall back down to earth.

The Doc is called "It Came From Detroit" it feather over 24 bands and a lot of interviews From Mick Collins to Jason Stollsteimer to Greg Base to Ben Blackwell to Marty Morris and more Detroit Rock n rollers and Detroit music Fans (Ed Note: the editor of this sight was also interview for the film and show up in the movie).

so the other day in a quick E-mail interview, i fired Question to the James about the Films, how it was told and plans for the film and life after the film, but first i must asked how is avaced ticket sale going before Friday showing.

Steve Paljusevic: I Know on Sunday in a update you say that almost 400 tickets was sold on-line and it could be a total sold-out as we come to Friday. what is the update on tickets for the public as we come up to Friday.?

James R. Petix: I talked with the DFT today(Tuesday) and we've sold 600 tickets out of 1,100. They still expect the show to sell out, so if you really want to go, buy the tickets online, don't wait to get them at the door!

SP: How is story of this Film is Plan out, what do it start and do they told in order of the Building of the scene?.

JRH: We tell the story of how the scene has been building up since The Gories were around in the late 80's. We show how they influenced bands like Rocket 455 and the Doll Rods and how those bands inspired bands like the Go and the Detroit Cobras. Eventually the Go and the White Stripes get popular outside of the city and the media spotlight starts to expose all these bands in the early 2000's. We show what effect this had on the musicians and what, if anything changed in the scene.

SP: Some are already compare this doc as the garage rock version of Hyped(Which told the story of the Seattle Gurged rock scene) how do the two Films Compare other then the Music?

JRH: I haven't seen that film in a while, but from what I remember they have a very similar beginning. Both scenes grew up in isolation and one or two bands broke big. The big difference between Detroit and Seattle was that there wasn't a ton of money being thrown at these bands all at the same time. In the end, only the White Stripes got to the level of true rock stars.

SP: What have been the reaction to this film from inside Detroit or even Outside Detroit?.

JRH: So far, we've gotten a great reaction from everyone who's seen the film locally- mostly musicians and people in the movie. I know there's alot of people that are really eager to see this film all over the world. We already have an invitation to show the film in France and Spain!

SP: When you look back at the scene back when making this film and and just to look at this scene Now. do you ask where did the good music go.

JRH: Well, if you mean that you can't just see the Go or the Wildbunch every other week at the bar now, then yes. But bands get bigger and they tour more, or they get older and don't want to go to the bar as much. It happens. So now, when a band like the Hentchmen gets together to play a show in town, it's a big event! At least most of the bands are still playing, however infrequent. Plus there's a whole bunch of really great new bands coming up to fill up that space

SP: After this local premiere and showing it at Film Festivals, What are you going to do now after spending almost a half a decade on this doc.

JRH: Wow.. I never thought of it as half a decade, but I guess it really has been. This has taken longer than college!! I have the idea for my next film. All I can say is that it will also involve music, but this time it will be in Japan. No scenes involved.

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