Wednesday, October 25, 2006

it came from the late night music club from culture city with John Mellencamp and the Sights

Well last night i went to the Stormy records/Green Brian Comics in dearborn to see a very cool gig last night as i see Lisa Germano who put on a very good show and she sing my CD from 1996 Excerpts From a Love Circus which on 4AD back then, The opener was Warrer Defever and His Names is alive which was very good.

Now a little know fact that back in the day she was in John Mellencamp backing band on The Lonesome Jubilee back in 1987 and i told her i remember the video for a song "Check It Out" it was a very good video which was film live at the now defuc Market sqaure arena in Indy and yes she play violinist and fiddle in his backing band she spen a few years before she flied on her own whit her solo carred.

so i am going to show the Video for "Check it out"

And Dont forget the big time premeire of the major local doc on the garage rock Scene called "in came from Detroit" were only two days away but time is running out because it will be a total sold out.

you can get your ticket at of you can call 313-833-3237 or you can get them at Main Entry On Woodward.

here the full line up for Friday Night
6:30 - The Dirtbombs
8:00 - The Film itself
and after the gig
the Witches and Outrageous Cherry

Now if you don get your ticket for the film and the Witches and Outrageous Cherry
you can still enjoy the Dirtbombs on Friday Night all the DIA as for return is assmisstion it $6 for the Big kids and $3 buck for the little ones, dont have give 2 or 3 bucks but you have to pay some things.

Tonight Local entry is still going at despiet a every changing line-up every album and Fronted by the wildest front man in Detroit rock and roll who is also a good Friend, It Eddie Baranek and the sights

John Mellencamp
Check It Out
with Lisa Germano on violin

The Sights

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