Monday, October 23, 2006

it came from the late night music club from culture city with Lisa Germano and the Soledad Brothers

Well it Sunday Night/Early Monday Morning and it the begin of a most important week, not only the Tigers are in the world series but it is also the local debut of “It Came From Detroit” the documentary chronicling the Local beging of garage rock to the Detroit big buzz with the white stirpes to hard down turn.

but if you want to see this film you better get them fast, it Got a myspace E-Mailer from James Petix(Producer) and Sarah Babila (Director) tonight and they told me that they already sold over 400 tickets online alone and it could be a big sell out(theater can hold 1,150) the action begin at 6:30 with the Dirtbombs then after that the Film at 8 PM and post Film the Witches and Outrageous Cherry and after that who know.

you can get ticket from now untill friday at the DIA from 9AM to 5 PM or you call them for ticket at 313-833-3237 but they hold ticket untill 10 mintues untill showtime or you can get ticket at

i be there and i will have a full report next weekend on this blog sight

and to get hyped up for the film here the Main trailer aging

Now on to tonight video now that the tigers are away there going to be a lot of show at club with TV with them, but tonight is not one of thouse Night tonight at stormy records in dearborn Lisa Germano will be playing a In-story gig, you may remember her way back in 1996 when she released the prefect "Excerpts From a Love Circus" now she on tour for her new CD on the Young God Records and it called In the Maybe World

From Wikipedia

She made her professional debut as John Mellencamp's violinist and fiddle player on his 1987 hit album The Lonesome Jubilee, spending the next seven years working with him. During this time, additional tours and recording sessions with Simple Minds and the Indigo Girls motivated Germano to do something on her own

and to coutined on the History of garage rock for the upcoming "it Came From Detroit" Doc, is a video from the Soledad Brothers when they was still a local band with a video called the "Handle Song" and this is the second of the local video produce by the producer of ICFD Doc James Petix

From Wikipedia

The self-titled album was engineered by Jack White of The White Stripes, who also produced their second single. Meg White performs some percussion on this album. While both the Soledad Brothers and the White Stripes were Detroit bands heavily influenced by blues, the relationship between the two was also personal, since Ben was Jack's roommate for some period of time.

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