Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Danceing with the Stars
Week Seven review

Now i miss the Frist dance of the night because i was watch the world series on Fox
so it miss Jerry fox Trot.

Tonight there doing two danced one from the ball room and one from the latin side.

Jerry Springer - last Week - 18
Dance one - Fox Trot -
Dance Two - Samba -

Well from the Judge Comment the 1st dance was very good but the 2nd dance was OK it think he was haveing more with his pranther than with the guest on his show.

Monique Coleman - Last Week - 23
Dance one - Quick step
Dance two - paso doba

the First Dance was very smooth she keep on going after her shoe got chught on her dress but keep on going, her second Dance was very good, not special but good.

Emmitt Smith - Last Week - 25
Dance no.1 - Walst - 28
Dance no.2 - Mambo - 29

Emmitt Rea;;y put his groove on in two great dances, smooth in the Fox Trot amd awsome in the mambo, Great show tonight.

Mario Lopez - 28
Dance one - Fox Trot
Dance two - Mambo

He did both danced very not only that he did show us why is the clear faveorite

Joey Lawrence - 23
Dance one - Fox Trot
Dance two

The First was very good but it was OK, but the second was very great that have a little hip action

Leader Borad after all three Dances
over two weeks
Mario Lopez - 84
Emmitt Smith - 82
Joey Lawrence - 81
Monique Coleman - 77
Jerry Springer - 64

it look like it not good for jerry is this his last dance
we see tpmmorrow night on ABC-TV

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