Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Danceing with Stars
Week Seven Preview

Were this week someone is going Home Greeteed

This Week on Dancing with the Stars (which is on at the same time as the Game 3 of the World Series) there will be the second round of the dance off after no one was sent home last week after Country Singer Sara Evans drop out of the show after she filed for Divorce two weeks ago.

this Judge score and viewers vote will be combined with last week Scored and viewer Vote and tomorrow night somebody is going home.

After last week scored that saw Jerry Springer and Joey Lawrence in the bottom two before host Tom Bergeron told both of them no one was going home, the big questions was are they going to improved.

Was last week less than spectacular Dance was the begin of the end for springer saw or will he burst out to save him self or will his viewers pulled him out in Droves, or had Joey Lawrence remember to ditch the singing at the Begin and dance.

or will Emmitt Smith who almost was in the bottom two pick up his step a little bit.

or Mario Lopez (who some say is a clear front runner) and Monique Coleman keep up there front runner staiued.

Find out tonight at 8PM EDT
and find out on ABC

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