Thursday, October 26, 2006

Breaking Gig News

And it will be importent the Detroit Free Press have leard that at Five PM on Friday that when Bob Seger will give all the details about his first hometown concert since 1996.

but here what the paper have learn it will be a mid-december date that the freep know for sure,
But where and how much ticket will cost that the freep dont know, or if it will be one show or two show or two shows at two diffence venued as the paper say a few months ago.

But if it do happend you know it will be a sold out indeed

The Only other Michigan Dates are
Nov. 8 and 12 - Grand Rapids
and Nov. 10 - Saginaw
and all three shows ar sold out already

Since i on assingment tomarrow you best bet to find info on the Detroit Free Press web sight or if any one hwo have any info on the bob seger show in Detroit you can leave a E-mail at

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