Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Dancing with the stars
Week Eight review
The Halloween Edtion

This Week all the dances have a halloween twist to it since today is Halloween just like last week there doing two dance one a ballroom dance and a latin dance, So tonight Dance will scare the living Daylight out of you.

Joey Lawrence
Dance One - Tango (28)
It was a little Ok but was a bit off with the Adams Famliy Theam, But the judge like the dance
Dance Two - Paso Doba (26)
Joey have a good OK first dance but a better second Dance and it was great.

Mario Lopez
Dance One - Waltz (28)
The Waltz was very beatitful, lovely and classic Dance tonight
Dance two - Samba (29)
That Second Dance was very hot, I dont know what was more hotter the dance and His parter, that was a good Dance

Monique Coleman
Dance One - Tango (24)
Well her first dance look like robot ball room with the tango, it was good bit a little Jerky.
Dance Two - Cha Cha (29)
The Dance was avery good after a bad first dance, but some body called the fashtion police

Emmitt Smith
Dance One - Fox Trot (25)
Wow no wonder he is the all time Great, That was very good.
Dance Two - (29)
The Dance was a very smooth and pretty dance

Mario Lopez - 57
Joey Lawrence - 54
Emmitt Smith - 54
Monique Coleman - 53

Now the Judge Scores only Count only Half of who go home and the other half is from the viewer vote so this wil be very insering as we see who get kick out of the dance floor tommorrow night at 8/7 CST.

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Anonymous said...

Monique will go home, her make-up and outfits were distracting they were so poor. You don't wear a short dress when you have to bend your legs in the tango and don't have a "dancer's thighs".

Mario will probably win, but I love Emmitt!